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Relate to prospects and your downline
November 06, 2020

The Mentorship Digest

If you are familiar with AL Schreiter you would know that he wrote a book discussing the four color personalities for Network Marketing.

  • People who are “Red” are “driven and get it by any means” type of people.
  • People who are “Yellow” are the loving and caring type of people their care about others feelings
  • People who are “Blue” like to have fun, carefree and are the life of the party
  • People who are “Green” are analytical. They need to know the specifics of anything before they get involved

I bring this up to stress the fact that as representatives it may benefit us to know what color personality our prospects are before we present the information to them. It also may benefit us to know what color personality our downlines are so we can relate to them better when trying to lead them.

I remember in the summer of 1997 I sold books door-to-door from 8:00am in the morning to 9:30pm at night for the Southwestern Book company.

Every Sunday we had the day off for training and encouragement. During that summer I was miles away from home in East Knoxville Tennessee and had limited access to talk to my family. I was very sensitive most of the time because I wasn't doing well selling books and needed help and encouragement. I guess it was safe to say that during that moment I was yellow.

I remember a sales lead came to have a conversation with me but how I was doing. I explained to him the problem I was going through. Being the red personality that he is, he blurted out, “it seems that you have your head up your ass and you need to get pushing!”

I felt two things at that moment. I wanted to knock him out and I wanted to quit. In his mind, he thought he was helping me and motivating me. In my mind, I felt like I was being insulted.

Have you ever presented to your prospect and they did not want to try your service or product but they had no explanation why? Maybe it's because there was a disconnection. There are times when you can talk to someone until they're “blue in the face” and they don't understand what you're saying. However, as soon as someone else explains it to them once, they finally get it.

Sometimes you can talk to your downline many times about the same topic and they're still stagnant. However, as soon as they attend training where a speaker with more experience tells them the same thing they are motivated and ready to build their business.

Prospects don’t join when you’re ready, they join when they’re ready. Your downline won’t work their business when you want them to, they’ll work their business when they’re ready.

Sometime’s take the time to see what people are looking for and how to relate to them so you can improve your effectiveness

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