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Problems with comparison in Network Marketing
October 23, 2020

The Mentorship Digest

When you become part of the network marketing profession, you may become part of a team. In some cases, you may have become a representative of that MLM company at the same time as a group of other people on the same team.

Therefore, you may feel a slight connection to them. You may feel a sense of competition of who can rank up faster or who can sign up the most customers/members.

Furthermore, almost every network marketing company will show you representatives from the company who achieved success who had different backgrounds.

Most reps have a burning desire to achieve their goals. As a result, some may use leaders that were successful before them as the standard.

However, one mistake that representatives make is comparing themselves to others. For example, you may feel that you should achieve a certain goal within a certain tie because someone else did it. Also, you may feel that just because certain leaders have the same background as you, that you should be accomplish everything they accomplished in the time frame they did it in.

There was a leader in my company who had the same job that I had. He was able to quit that job shortly after being a representative of our network marketing company.

As soon as a few people found out that we were in the same profession, someone said to me, “You see that guy he was just like you and he hit this rank within a year. What’s wrong with you, what’s taking you so long!?”

Someone with an “employee mindset” probably would’ve quit due to the fact they would’ve felt that they weren’t good enough or the money wasn’t coming in fast enough.

One thing that you have to realize is this is entrepreneurship.

- In entrepreneurship (regardless of the industry or profession), there is no steady check.

- In entrepreneurship, there is no guaranteed timeline of success

- In entrepreneurship, you run your own race

Don’t think that just because you are in this profession, you are never good enough because you aren’t just like someone else.

When you finally get to the top (if that is your goal) and walk the stage, I’ve NEVER seen the executives on stage ask:

What took you so long? Why didn’t you achieve what they did? Why haven’t you earned what they earned?

What I have seen the executives do is congratulate you and welcome you to the top.

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