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. . . Know your worth
October 09, 2020

The Mentorship Digest

In 2006, a few years before I joined my second mlm opportunity, I remember working for Infocision (telemarketing company) in Austintown, OH. I raised money for the company but they were paying me to raise money for them.

At that time, Infocision was paying me $7.25 per hour to work day shifts. If I worked the midnight shift I would get paid an extra .25 cents an hour ($7.50 per hour).

If I was the top 3% producer in the company I would get a bonus.

I was so financially broke at that time that I HAD to perform in the top 3% in order to break even in my bank account.

As an employee, with an employee mindset, I was thinking if I went to the 3rd shift and still was the top 3% producer how much more would they pay me?

When I left that job and I thought with an entrepreneurial mindset, I thought if I was able to raise more than $500 per day for them, how much can I raise for myself.

Part-time, I raised an average of $10,000 per month for that company. However, they paid me $900 per month.

If you are an employee, look at the position you are in right now. If you are producing for a company in any way, you are valuable to that company. I would almost guarantee you that whatever they are paying you, you are worth much more.

Once you act on that belief, it will show in your network marketing business. In the Network Marketing profession, you get paid what you are worth. We are all worth more than employers pay us. They know that. We will make a fortune for ourselves once we not only know but believe that.

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