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What would a leader do?
October 30, 2020

The Mentorship Digest

I remember the I joined my first network marketing company. I was on top of the world. I was motivated and driven. I was also 24 years old and cocky.

I was a representative of a telecommunications company. I was supposed to have people try the company’s telephone service (if they had a landline telephone). However, people in my warm market at the time (people out of college in their 20’s) didn’t have their own apartment yet, much less have a phone in their name (I know it sounds like an excuse)

Nevertheless, I went to all of the training events that they had. There were International conventions, Regional Trainings, Locals Trainings, and Private Business receptions. I attended them all by any means necessary.

I was struggling to have people try the service but I managed to get a few. A couple of years later my network marketing company came out with new materials to help us promote the products.

However, I had to pay for them. As a new college graduate with a minimum wage job and maxed out on every credit card, I didn’t have to money to pay for them so I continued to use the old material.

This particular weekend, I was flying out from New York to Georgia to conduct a private business reception (basically present the service).

I called my upline who at the time achieved the highest rank in the company and won every award the company had to give out.

I told them that I was on my way to GA to present the information and asked them a question about expanding in that area.

They asked me if I got the new material the company was selling. I told them, “No.” Before I could get another work out they yelled at me and said, “THEN WHY WOULD YOU GO THERE AND YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE THE SENSE TO GET THE NEW MATERIAL! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!”

They didn’t yell at me as if they cared about my future. They yelled at me as if I was a burden. I moved to Ohio 3 years after that and end up quitting that company 1 year after I moved. However, I pinpoint my downfall to that phone call with the upline. I was at the end of my rope but I was staying positive and kept doing the business basically by myself because I believed in the opportunity and the company. I believe that phone call broke me.

My problem was I viewed this opportunity like I had a boss and I was an employee but I couldn’t get fired.

Now thinking back, I ask myself what would a leader do. I mean a person with a leadership mindset. I then realized I would accept responsibility for my position. I wouldn’t depend on my upline to help build my business or be there when I need them.

As a new representative, you would expect them to be there when you need them in a positive way, but it isn’t guaranteed.

I would attend the training's and learn and practice how to:

- Pitch/invite

- Introduce a conference call

- Conduct a presentation

- Close

- Conduct a 3 way

- Give testimonies

I would act as if I invested money to start a business (which I did). I would use my upline as only a reference when I need information, but I would take ownership of my business. That way when I do have representatives in my downline, I can demonstrate effective leadership and grow my team, and duplicate. Thus having most of them who are coachable achieve their level of success.

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