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Mentorship Digest - Why vs Who
September 25, 2020

The Mentorship Digest

When we joined a Network Marketing company, the first thing we were told to do in training is to find our “WHY”. “Why” we are doing this. Find a “Why” that makes you cry, etc.

Some people’s “WHY” is they are doing it for their family. They are doing it for their children, They are doing it to retire their parents. These are very honorable reasons to take on your own business.

The Problem

However, here is the underlying problem that MANY people face in Network Marketing regarding their “WHY”. Many people have been in this profession for 3 or more years and have the same “WHY” but have not moved up in positions with their company. Also, they have not increased their bonuses or residual income.

Why is that?

When people have a “WHY," they tend to get rewarded on the front end which subconsciously makes some people comfortable enough to not do what they are capable of in their business.

For example, if you tell someone that your why is to retire your sick mother from her job of 25 years, and you show people a picture of your mother, people will empathize with you. You will be commended for having that goal. People will tell others about your goal and you may temporarily feel important.

This feeling requires no work or effort on your part within your business.

Focus on "WHO"

However, if you focus on your “WHO” that is when the work is required. “WHO” do you want to become. How do you want people to look up to you?

For example, if you want to become the next trainer at a big event, you know that being congratulated for a “WHY” won’t get you there. But putting yourself in front of people will get you there. Practicing your presentations will get you there. Volunteering on team calls will get you there.

For example, if you wanted to be a weightlifting champion and someone asks why do you want to become a weightlifting champion and you say to put your children in private school, that would get a sympathetic reaction.

Now, if you know the ONLY way to put them through private school is to be among the top 10 bodybuilders in your state, that is “WHO” you have to be.

Focus on “WHO” you want to be in your company, whether it is to be a top trainer, among the top 10 earners, or the highest rank earner. You would then be moved to put together a plan to achieve that.

Once you achieve "WHO" you want to become your income and company position goals will aggressively follow.

“WHO” do you want to become?

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