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Mentorship Digest - Ice cream in the winter
October 02, 2020

The Mentorship Digest

I remember back in 2002 when I was just beginning my career in Network Marketing, I was working in a daycare center.

A parent of one of my students came to pick up their son. The parent was excited about an opportunity he had. He told me he was opening an ice cream shop set to open the next month.

My first thought was it was October and it was opening in November . . . the start of winter.

I asked him if he was sure it was a good idea. I told him that people aren’t going to come for ice cream in the wintertime. I told him he might not make enough money to pay back the loan he took out to start the business.

November came and he asked me to come to visit his ice cream shop. I told him I would support it. When I arrived, the line to get into the ice cream shop was around the corner.

The ice cream shop he opened was called ColdStone Ice Cream. I didn’t know anything about ColdStone back then. It was one of the first five to open up in that region.

I never told my friend this, but that experience made me NEVER doubt someone again.

We are in our network marketing company and people will doubt us, doubt the company, doubt the opportunity, etc. They may cause us to fall into what I call MLM Depression. WE have to KNOW what we are capable of.

I didn’t discourage my friend (the parent) because I didn’t like him. I discouraged him because I was concerned about IF he failed. However, he knew more about the company, the customer base, the industry, and the potential than I did.

He didn’t let me discourage him and pressed on.

Some of you let people discourage you who know absolutely nothing about your business, industry or you drive.

As long as you have the mindset and action to follow with it, do not let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve any WHILE you’re achieving it.
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