MLM Depression

If you're suffering from MLM depression you're not alone. However the fact that you are not alone shouldn't make you feel any better. In fact, some of the prospects that may have rejected you because they said they have done this before may have been through the same thing.

If you are suffering from serious MLM depression please contact a trained psychologist immediately.

See if you can relate to the following . . .

You were introduced to an opportunity one day. You saw the value in the product but more importantly, you saw the value in residual income. You all of a sudden realize that all the dreams you had are possible and you start believing in your dreams again.

Furthermore, you go to training and meetings and see representatives in the same company with residual income, new cars, traveling, and able to walk away from their jobs. 

Then you realize that if you don't have residual income and time freedom you are on your way to disaster.

Therefore you buy books, trainings, CD's, go to national conventions, and even managed to have a few people support you by purchasing products or becoming your downline. One day after a few months (or in some cases, years) you realize that your heart and mind don't match up.

In your heart you have a burning desire to succeed with your opportunity, but in your mind you know some of the following things are happening:

  • Some relationships with your family are strained
  • Relationships with some of your friends are ruined
  • Some of your supporters cancel their subscription to your product
  • Some of your downlines quit
  • Some people don't trust you anymore
  • Some people go the other way when they see you coming because they think all you talk about is your opportunity
  • You're not getting bonuses or residual income anymore
  • You can't sleep, etc.

When you develop a love for your company and you realize the issues in the above bullet points are happening, there is unmistakably the feeling of sadness. It could be like the feeling you have when a loved one is dying and you can't do anything about it.  You are now feeling what is mlm depression. 

4 Aspects that cause MLM Depression


The first aspect that can contribute to mlm depression is going from the feeling of euphoria to despair. The euphoria is caused by presentations, meetings, conventions, being in the atmosphere of greatness, etc.

Also the strong sense that you know what you have to do to reach your personal goal you set for yourself regarding your new venture.

A few days or weeks after you get back into the real world and take a few rejections, you realize this isn't as easy as you would like it to be. However you know you have to get through these hurtful rejections because that's what stands between you and you’re assured freedom.

Then reality kicks in when you realize that you don’t have the emotional strength to deal with it.  That's when you reach your crossroad.

False Expectations

The second aspect that can cause mlm depression is you start learning about the financial and time freedom that is now possible to you through MLM.  Because of this, you start to dislike anything resembling a job or anything that takes away your time.

However, a few months pass and you haven't got any downline or sold any product in the time you wanted to.  You continue to go to your job and go through the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You suddenly realize that you will be stuck in your 9-5 and have no time freedom . . . the very thing that you learned to dislike.


The third aspect that may cause mlm depression is distrust with family and friends.  You may need support for your business and you ask family and friends for help and they say "No" or reject you.

You feel a deep sense of disappointment that hurts when turned down by the people you love or expected to support you most.

It causes a serious sense of betrayal and disloyalty resulting in you feeling alone.


The fourth aspect that causes mlm depression is when you know you've been doing everything your upline told you to do.

  • Never miss a meeting
  • Read books
  • Talk to a certain amount of people per day
  • Reach out for help when you need it

Nevertheless you still can't manage to get people to try your products or join your business.  However with others, it seems like all they have to do is smile at someone and they're getting two or three sign-ups.

You know you've been working just as hard, yet they're walking the stage at every event getting recognized while you have to stay seated.

Symptoms of MLM Depression

The feelings that can come from mlm depression are:

  • Deep Anger
  • Sence of Weakness
  • Impatience
  • Easily annoyed
  • Loss of Energy
  • Little interest for things at once brought you joy

As a result regarding the business reps start:

  • Feeling like a failure
  • Start comparing themselves to others
  • Experiencing Loss of interest in continuing with their opportunity
  • Become angry at their outlines
  • Hating the MLM Industry.

After all those feelings you may start to think you're just going to be stuck at your job and never have financial or time freedom for the rest of your life, etc.  As a result, this subconsciously causes more despair.

13 Ways to Limit MLM Depression

Like I said earlier, if you have felt these feelings, you're not alone. However, there is good news and bad news.

  1. The good news isthese feelings are temporary.
  2. The bad news is they're only temporary if you decide to take action.

It won't eliminate mlm depression, however it may help some of these former experiences you're dealing with.

If you are suffering from serious MLM depression please contact a trained psychologist immediately.

Before you look at the following below, you need to be honest with yourself.

Some of you may do the bare minimum and get depressed because you haven't been seeing results.  There is a saying that goes, " . . . don't get mad at the results you didn't get with the work that you didn't do".

There's a chance you haven't been 100% teachable or there's a chance you haven't been following your system. Below you may read some things that your company has already taught to do and you've done it a few times and stopped.

However just like any business owner you don't do something a few times and stop. It is a process to go through achieve true time and Financial freedom.  Go through each of these bullet points below and If you find yourself not doing atleast 80% of what’s on the list . . . get started.

Limit MLM Depression

1. Help Your Downline

Some reps have a bad habit of introducing their opportunity to people. And when they become your downlines they just look at them as dollar signs.

The downlines have dreams and goals also.  As an upline it's in your best interest to help them in anyway possible if they need it.

Also once you have a new downline on your team, they're warm market becomes your market. Therefore it would be challenging for you to run out of people to talk to

2. Employment

If you think you can quit your job (or don’t need a job) just because you joined an MLM company, that may not be wise to do.

Even though MLM has great potential to help you quit your job in the future. It is not a get rich quick deal. On average it may take you 3 - 5 years to get to the point where you can quit your job (however it varies).

The point is make sure you're still employed while you are building your MLM business so there is no immediate financial strain on you.

3. Attend Presentations Weekly

There's a saying that, "Motivation doesn't last, But neither does bathing that's why we recommended daily".

It is important to find a presentation in your area and attend it at least once a week.  There are chances that different people will be presenting every week. Therefore you'll get to see the material presented from different points of views to widen your understanding of your products and business.

4. Strategy

In any professional sport you see, you never see the athletes compete without a technique or strategy.

You never see any business in your community operate blindly without having goals or a business plan. Some of you treat your MLM company like a hobby. It is important to have a game plan in place or a strategy.

This is important for when things don't go according to plan, you already have a back up plan in place regarding your business.

5. Read a Book / Listen to Audios Daily

“If you work hard on your job you'll make a living, if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune” - Jim Rohn.

If you go to the gym and try to lift a certain amount of weight and it's too heavy for you. Do you go home rest and come back and try lifting that same weight again thinking you can get it up?  You have to work out and train until you get to the point with that certain weight.

You may work hard on the business but if you yourself aren't improving how can you expect to get better.

6. Expectations

Have realistic expectations when working on your business.

If you're only talking to 4 people a week, don't expect the results of six sign-ups. Also just because you see six-figure earners walking the stage, that doesn't mean you are going to get six figures in 1 year.

Everybody has their own personal journey and you know what you are capable of. You also know what you need help on.

7. Set Goals

Most people have a competitive edge to them.  If you're working with nothing to strive for you may feel like you're working in vain.

If you set a goal now you have something to shoot for.  Set small reachable goals leading toward the big goals. However, celebrate the small goals along the way every time you hit them

8. Action

Nothing in this world works without action taking place. In the MLM industry nothing moves until products are acquired or sale is made.

Some people fooled themselves into thinking they can attend trainings, conference calls, and read all the motivational books in the world.  However, they pause when it's time to take action and start talking to people.

Often times it is the "start" that stops most people. Once you get started with action, half the battle is already one

9. Environment

When I say environment, I mean watch the company you keep.

You may go to a presentation weekly, listen to a call twice a week, or even talk to you upline once a day. However the people around you 24 seven or even most the time are the ones that may affect to you.

Someone said once if you show me your closest five friends and I'll show you your future. If you care about your future and your company, find a positive group of people who share your goals and aspirations.  As a result, you will feel your attitude change in less than 30 days.

10. Mentor

It is important to find a mentor. Some people have their splines as their mentors.  However, some others will seek someone else to be there personal coach.

It helps to have someone to vent to and also someone to personally guide your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your daily life while doing MLM.

11. Go to a Weekly Event

Host a weekly event or go to a weekly event. You can be at a presentation, training or meeting amongst your personal team.

It helps to be around live action with people around who have the same interest at heart.

12. Emotions

One of the most important things that people forget is to leave their emotions out of this process.  This is one of the main contributing factors to mlm depression.

I know it is very hard when you have many things invested in your business already. If you just focus on what you have to do as well as don't let others opinions or rejection to get to you, you will reserve enough strength to continue.

13. Focus on the process

It is usually impossible to get to the top if you are not trained in anything you do. The process you go through is necessary for you to grow in your business.

Your process might involve getting rejected on a daily basis, having your splines quit on you, having family talk about you behind your back, etc.

If you don't go through these things, how can you help your downline in the future who seek your guidance for these concerns when it happens to them.

Focus on going through the process and the rewards will come.

In Conclusion

MLM depression isn't something that is now starting to happen. Many people have been experiencing this for quite sometime. It is usually the people who take this business seriously. If you are going through this, don't worry.  Remember it is temporary. There are ways to rise above it and get back on track.

However, like I said earlier don't use this MLM guide to guide your footsteps if you're not willing to move your feet.  You have to take action.  With that action may come struggle, but as the late Frederick Douglass stated, “ . . . Without struggle there's no progress.”

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