Use MLM Scripts to Your Advantage

One of the main skills to develop is the ability to invite someone to see your MLM opportunity.  No matter . . .

  • How much knowledge you have
  • How good your product is
  • How great your mlm company is
  • How many people you know
  • How highly people think of you, etc.

 . . . if no one sees your product or knows that it exists there's no chance they will join with you.  No matter how well you know your hot or warm market, you may need a script tailored for each one of them.  

Some people say speak "from the heart!"  Some people can speak from the heart.  However, 80% of the leaders you see in today's Network Marketing industry use MLM scripts.  Even their presentations are scripted.

The difference is they've given their pitch, presentation or speeches so many times that it comes across natural.

The important thing is to be yourself.  Even though you are following a script, tailor it to your personality.

Do's and Dont's when using Scripts

Don't pitch or Sell your opportunity

Usually the purpose of MLM scripts is to invite the prospect to see your opportunity or product.  If you use this time to explain or sell, you may end up having the prospect gather enough information to lose interest all together.

The goal is to set the appointment

Leave them Curious

Only tell your prospects what you are supposed to tell them during the inviting process.  This goes along with not giving them too much information.  If they have enough information to satisfy their curiosity, they may feel they won't need to make the appointment.

The reason is those who are not familiar with mlm will make excuses on why they think they won't be able to be a customer or a representative.  One of the worst things is having someone make a decision BEFORE they have all of the proper information.

Lower Resistance

The purpose of an MLM script is to set the appointment.  We do this by making it easy for them to say yes.  The method to do this is:

  • Be in hurry 
  • Compliment the prospect
  • Confirm the appointment

These three keys to lower resistance is explained below

MLM Scripts (Text)

Most MLM representatives frown upon texting prospects because it is viewed as impersonal.  However, in some cases, texting in an attempt to set up meetings can help you off to a quick start.

In most cases, text invites can have very low resistance from prospects when just trying to get together with them.


  • Hey can you meet me for coffee this week? (Yes).  Ok, let's meet at (time).  I have an idea I want to show you, see you there.
  • What time today can we get together at the YMCA? (Why what's up?).  Hey, are you home? (Yea, why).  Cool, I'll stop by, I have something I gotta share with you
  • Hey, when can you be by your computer?(I"m in front of my computer now).  Cool, I'm calling you now.
  • “Are you up for lunch tomorrow? (Yes).  Let's meet at (restaurant) at (time), I need your expertise on something
  • “Want to meet for breakfast?”(Yes).  Cool, lets go to (restaurant) at (time).  I need your opinion on something
  • “Are you free after work today?” (Yes).  “Great, You’ve got to see something!"
  • Are you available tomorrow after work? (Yes).  Let's meet at (Restaurant) to (Time).  You need to see something!"

MLM Scripts (Phone or In-Person)

With MLM Scripts over the Phone (or in person) you want to be:

  1. In a Hurry
  2. Compliment the Prospect
  3. Confirm the Appointment

Be in hurry = You want to be in a hurry because it lessens the chances that the prospect will interrupt you with questions or show any action to prevent you from setting the appointment

Compliment the prospect = You want to give a compliment because it makes them feel needed and more open to helping you

Confirm the appointment = You want to confirm the appointment because it reduces "no-shows" and lessens the chance you'll have to chase after prospects (making you look desperate)


  • Hey, I'm in a rush right now but I had to talk to you.  I always admired the way you handled your business.  I've found something that you should take a look at.  Can we meet at (confirm place) at (confirm time).
  • I have a lot going on right now, but I needed to reach you.  You've been successful at (say something you know they've been successful at). I have something I need your opinion on.  Will you be available at (choose time) tomorrow?  Cool, I'll meet you at (confirm place)
  • I'm about to head out but I'm glad I caught you.  I know you were one of the one's who supported me when (find something they supported you on).  I found something that might benefit both of us.  Let's meet at (name the place)
  • I don't have time to talk but it was important that I spoke to you.  I remember that time when you (name something honorable they've done).  I'm working on a project and I need a few honest people to take a look at what I'm doing.  Will you be available in the afternoon or evening?
  • I'm literally running out for an appointment but I had to catch you before I left.  You're one of the smartest people I know around here and I need your view on something.  Meet me at (choose time and place)
  • Before I leave for my appointment I wanted to talk to you.  I know you have one of the best minds when it comes to business.  I need you to give me your business sense on something.  Let's go (choose time and place).
  • I have to run but I'm just realizing that you're the best at what you do and it will do great justice if you take a few minutes out of your day to see something.  I'll show it to you at (choose time and place)
  • I'm leaving now but I'm just realizing that you are a very meticulous person.  I'm looking for the right person to see what I'm doing.  You may like it, or you may not, but it costs nothing to look at it.
  • I'm glad I caught you before I left.  You're one of the most positive people that I've met.  I found something you should take a look at.  It may be for you or it may not be but you need to see it.  I'll connect with you at (choose time and place), cool?
  • I'm rushing out but I needed to talk to you before I left.  You seem to be one of the most professional people that I met.  Do you know anyone who is looking for a business opportunity they can operate from their home? (Yes).  Cool, I want you to take a look at it first so you know what it's about.  Will you be available at (choose time and place)

Resistance by Prospects 

When you use these MLM scripts, the prospects may asks questions like:

  • What is it?
  • What's this about?
  • Why can't you tell me now?, etc.

A common response to these questions would be the following:

  • It's too much to explain now
  • It's better to see it in person
  • It's like trying to give a haircut over the phone, it isn't practical remember everything now
  • That why I have to see you later

Keep in mind you are saying these thing still being in a rush

Practice these scripts with an upline that you trust.  Don't practice on your real prospects.  If they sense you aren't genuine you may lose that particular prospect at that time.

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