Pre Qualified MLM Leads vs Unqualified MLM Leads

Are your leads pre qualified MLM leads?

When you are a representative in an MLM company, you will get excited every time you get a lead.  Every lead has a certain amount of value to them.  Most may be worth building a relationship with.

However, are they qualified?  Many MLM representatives spend too much time with leads that are unqualified.  Therefore they find themselves with a close rate that is lower than they would like it to be.

Sure, most MLM companies say, “don’t pre-judge anyone”.  That is true.  However, there is a difference between not pre-judging and spending time with someone who isn’t qualified to purchase your product/service or join opportunity.

There is a saying that, you can’t show the wrong thing to the right person.  However, you ALSO can show the right thing to the wrong person.

Spending your time talking to pre qualified MLM leads will have more of a quality impact on your business.  You save time and increase your closing ratio.  These are the main leads you want to spend most of your time with.

Not knowing or not having a clear understanding of the difference between pre qualified MLM leads and unqualified leads can have you spending time with people who have either have no intention of buying OR not having the power to buy.

When you recognize what a qualified lead is you can carefully groom the right leads into prospects and increase your sales rate.

Recognizing What A Pre Qualified MLM Lead Is

If you are able to recognize and define a qualified lead there is a 60% chance that you will be able to have a quality conversation with them and they will be open to your concept.

Have you ever written down a list of leads and called them and they ended up being (for lack of better words) not worth the time for various reasons?  These people may have been a fit for the criteria of an unqualified lead.

Examples of an unqualified lead could be:

  • Hates Network Marketing
  • Honestly can’t afford your product
  • Doesn’t want to use your product
  • Have no authority to make a purchase decision
  • Their interest hasn’t been piqued
  • Unsure if your product can solve their perceived problem

Now that you have an idea what an unqualified lead is.  It is important to recognize pre qualified MLM leads when you see them.

Examples of qualified leads:

  • They are positively familiar with your product, service or opportunity
  • Fits their budget
  • Open to new income opportunities
  • Have a need/want for your product
  • Has a positive rapport or relationship with you
  • Can make a buying decision

Basically, a qualified lead is one who has a problem and is able to use your product, service or opportunity to solve their problem. 

Furthermore, they are open to hearing more about what you have to offer and is able to make a buying decision.

Some Only APPEAR To Be Qualified

It would benefit you greatly to be able to decipher between those who waste your time and those who are open to hearing about your product or opportunity.  The reason for this is to separate those who would be interested in (and are able to) buy what you’re offering.

Newsflash!  Just because the lead appears to be qualified and:

  • You pique their interest
  • It fits their budget
  • Need your product
  • Can make a buying decision

. . . they STILL may not be a qualified lead.  They only APPEAR to be a qualified lead.  Even though they fit the criteria in the list above for being a qualified lead, the following obstacle may happen.

  • They refuse to give you their contact info
  • They ignore your attempt to make contact with them
  • They hide when they see you the next time
  • They have absolutely NO intention of being involved in anything
  • They lie to you regarding their interest in order not to hurt your feelings

It is VERY important that you spend your time with the right leads.  Many network marketers spend their time trying to CHASE people down and CONVINCE them that they need the product or opportunity.  This is what gives the industry of MLM a bad image.

The fact that many representatives basically tell uninterested leads ANYTHING to get a sale makes leads who would’ve been qualified not interested BEFORE they know what you have to offer.

If you consistently find yourself talking to unqualified leads you probably don’t have a lead generation system or strategy.

Why Are You Generating UnQualified Leads

  • Procrastination with Follow-Up - Once the lead is open to hearing from you and you delay responding, you allow them to do research on their own, get false information and become unqualified.
  • Unqualifying questions - Even though they fit the criteria of a pre qualified mlm lead, you ask a question that has nothing to do with if they are qualified or not.  A possible example would be, “You want to make $2,000 in two weeks?”  This may have them put a defensive wall up and brace themselves for what they believe is a scam.
  • No Lead Qualification Process - Just like MLM companies have a system to follow to ensure the greatest chance for success.  Not having a process for separating the pre qualified MLM leads from the unqualified can work against your success.

Keep in mind, the way you approach and pique a lead will have an effect on the type of lead that you attract.

If you are getting leads online, keep in mind that you want to put yourself in the minds of potential leads.

Always think about what they are looking for and what problems they may need help with.  Then you will be able to properly tailor your content so it can be of great value to them.

What Kind Of Lead Do You Want?

Before you get a lead, you should be very clear on the type of lead that you want to have.  You can create a form on your website for visitors to fill out or have a set of questions for people to answer (even in person).

You can ask potential leads the following questions to see if they are qualified or not.  You may not have to be this direct with the questions, however, these are just examples (not any particular order):

  • Would you be making the decision if you would like to purchase?
  • Would you like to hear more about the product that can help you with your concern?
  • Are you interested in making an income from showing the product to others?
  • What is your budget for something like this if you were interested?

The clearer you are with these questions (as well as the answers you receive) the easier it will be for you to qualify them.

After you have determined they are a pre qualified MLM lead, create content that would relate with them or continue with your preferred MLM strategy.

Don't Totally Ignore Unqualified Leads

It is a fact that the majority of people you expose to your product, business, or services are ready to buy on the same day.  More than 60% of leads that you DO contact buy or make a purchase after 4 exposures.  However, less than 10% of representatives follow up with their leads.

Even though the leads may be unqualified, you can still remain friends with them.  They may become qualified in the future.  People’s situations change every 6 months on average.

If you got the lead online they may not mind being a recipient of your newsletters or monthly emails.

You can send them updates and information about breaking news of your product or services every so often.  A few months later, an event in their life may trigger them to realize that they can use your product or service.

As a result, you would be the first one they would remember.  Finally, they would be open to taking a look at what you have to offer.

Spend 80% of your time with pre qualified MLM leads.  However, if the lead isn’t qualified but still doesn’t mind doing their research, feel free to add them to your online list of monthly emails and newsletters.  You may even follow up with them every few months.

Develop a strategy for those who are not qualified yet.  That way when an event happens in their life, you would be ready to help them when they most need it.

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