Independence of Internet and Network Marketing

Representatives who merge the internet and network marketing have a sense of independence when working for themselves

You may feel guilty of doing network marketing online because of the pressures of those who insist that you follow the traditional method of getting prospects that are taught in your company’s training.

For example, they would tell you to keep talking to everyone on your warm market list.  In addition, keep adding people to your list.  When you have approached every person on your warm market list, you use the 3-foot rule to meet new people.

Internet and Network Marketing Independence - 3 Foot Rule

Traditional offline MLM methods DO work to an extent.  However, the issue is not a fact of whether it works or not.  The are two issues:

1. Struggling to find people to expose to your business because you have depleted your warm market list.

2. The speed at which you expose people to your business.

When your company says you have to expose at least 3 people a day to be successful when you are working the cold market, this can start to be a serious challenge.

The challenge is not talking to people in the cold market.  The challenge is actually getting them to follow through with allowing you to show them what you have.

Entrepreneurs Invest . . . Workers Spend

Internet and Network Marketing Independence - Spending vs Investing

Many MLM companies would explain to you that you are owning your own business.  When you own your own business, you pay attention to:

  • Checks and balances
  • Profits and losses
  • Assets and Liabilities

If you are currently paying hundreds of dollars to invest into:

  • National Conventions
  • Regional Meetings
  • Promotional Materials
  • Traveling Expenses
  • Food

. . . and you’re not making more than what you spend every month you are running a negative cash flow business.

To be fair, most traditional business will take at least a year to see a profit.  MLM gives you the opportunity to make a profit in your first month.  However, many network marketers have been running a negative cash flow business for several years.

Internet and Network Marketing Independence - Negative Cash Flow

If you invest in a business and don’t see a return on your investment, you are not investing . . . you are spending.  Many Network Marketers spend money for years with no return on investment for the following reasons:

  • They don’t honestly follow the system in place
  • They don’t talk to the required amount of people
  • They keep spending money to be motivated and entertained (with no intention to put the required effort in).

If you do find that you are having success without using the internet, do not stop what you are doing.  In fact, MANY people had success without using the internet.  

Think about the mid-'90s before the internet caught on.  There were network marketers that made a considerable amount of income and were able to quit their jobs.  However, you can feel free to add the benefit of the internet to what you are doing.

Internet and Network Marketing Independence - Quitting Your Job

If you are finding success using the internet with your network marketing business, this does NOT mean that you stop going to the trainings and conventions.  You still need to be updated on the latest news and releases that your network marketing company has for its representatives.  It is also important to continue networking with those who also represent the company.

If you ALSO find that you are having success combining the internet with your MLM opportunity, that does not mean that you should stop talking to people.  If someone is seeing that you are benefiting from your product and they inquire about it, by all means, share with them what you have.

If you are the type of person who has charisma, not shy, specializes in gathering people together and has a lot of influence, by all means, CONTINUE to talk to people.

When you continue to talk to people you continue to strengthen your interpersonal skills.  Notice that every successful network marketer who uses a personal website to get leads is VERY skilled at public speaking.

It is because they know that AFTER they get those leads and funnel them through their online system to become a customer or representative, they are going to have to communicate with that person.  Since proper online methods help produce many leads, network marketers have to lead many people to maintain their downline.

Take Ownership of Your Internet and Network Marketing Independence

Internet and Network Marketing Independence - Take Ownership of Your Independence

If the company tells you to treat MLM opportunity as a real business, then treat it as a real business.  Recognize the fact that you are an independent business owner.  As an owner, if you find that something thing isn’t working for you, you have the right to try something else (as long as you don’t violate the business policies).

The company has a system on how to approach people on your warm market list and also maybe your cold market list.  Many do not train you on how to continue getting leads or acquire people to talk to.

If you have a small business and a certain method you use isn’t working for you to get customers, you have the freedom to try other advertising or promotional methods to acquire potential customers (as long as it doesn’t violate the law).

When you have no more people on your warm market list and cold market prospecting isn’t producing enough people to speak to each day, what can your company suggest?

Therefore, as an independent business owner, you can use your skills and the best method that works for you to prospect and get potential leads to grow your business (as long as you don’t do anything to violate your MLM company’s policies).

As an independent business representative, you represent the company, but you work for yourself.  You participate in the following activities to get leads:

  • Cold Market Prospecting
  • Warm Market Calling
  • 3 Foot Rule, etc.

The internet is just one more activity/method you use to get leads and prospects in order to make sales.  If you have a website you can also monetize it and earn additional revenue from it by introducing the following to your leads:

  • eBooks
  • Ad Space
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Finder’s Fee’s, etc.

Internet and Network Marketing Independence - Website Monetization

If you are making money from these activities and an MLM company says do not use the internet, you will be throwing all of your additional revenue away from these other monetization methods that you do.  Therefore, as an independent business person, you will be allowing the MLM company to limit you from making money from all other streams of revenue.

You are an independent representative.  You represent the company independently.  The company gives you training on how to pique the interest of individuals.  You can use that skill and (with your independence) use the internet to supplement what is missing from your business . . . which is an ongoing stream of leads contacting you to know more about what you have to offer. 

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