19 Most Popular MLM Rejections and How to Handle Them

About MLM Rejection

MLM rejection is common in the network marketing industry.  It can be very frustrating and discouraging for many people. This shows that everybody experiences rejection in MLM at one point or another, but some representatives handle it differently than others (which makes the difference).

If you have no previous business or sales experience you may not be mentally and emotionally prepared to handle mlm rejection. That's why a vast majority get their feelings hurt and end up quitting.

People who own businesses often experience rejection on a regular basis from all angles (from the bank loan manager to the customers they promote to). Some of us who didn't have to deal with that environment may not be used to taking rejection on a regular basis.  Because of that, we become comfortable.

Once you join an MLM opportunity you look forward to having people to join you on your new venture. Once you get a few rejections you become convinced that this business won't work for you.  However, remember this next sentence. Rejection doesn't cause disappointment, Expectation causes disappointment.  

The people we expect to support us often never do.

Those you never thought would, sometimes will.

At first we naturally approach the people who we know a little better than others (warm market). First, they reject us, then the people we kind of know reject us. Then we into the cold market, then call it quits after that.

Focus on what YOU can control

Don't put your focus on getting people to say yes. Put your focus on what you are in control of, which is presenting your product or opportunity. You can't control who would be interested and who wouldn't.

However, you can control:

  • Who you show,
  • When you show
  • How are you show
  • What you show
  • Where you show

A company most likely provides different methods for you to expose your prospects (CD, DVD, Slideshow, Pamphlet, etc.).  Choose the best way to show your prospects based on the environment and how they would best understand it.

This will soften the impact that MLM rejection will have on you.

Emotionally Handling MLM Rejection

A way you can emotionally handle mlm rejection is to NOT TAKE IT PERSONAL for the following 4 reasons.  Most people who reject an opportunity don't even know what they are rejecting.

I said earlier that because some network marketers don't come from a profession where they get rejected, many times it affects their confidence.  Once they get rejected in MLM it's very uncomfortable for them and they get into a conflict with the person they approach.

(1). The key is you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

  • If you want to lose weight or gain muscles you have to get uncomfortable in the gym.
  • If you want to get healed from sickness you may have to get uncomfortable in the doctors office.
  • If you want success in business you have to get uncomfortable building it from the ground up.

This is no different. It isn't comfortable taking rejection BUT rejection is necessary to make sales.

(2). MLM Rejection isn’t personal - remember, if people were rejecting you, they wouldn't meet with you in the first place. How many times have you walked into a store and someone asks, “can I help you?” and you say, “just looking” even though the personal was nice, courteous and respectful.

When you left the store was it because you didn't like the person or because you didn't see anything you liked at the time?

(3). MLM Rejection helps season you - you cannot get to the "Yes's" if you don't go through "No’s".  There's something called the "Law of Averages".

For example, if every 10 people you show you get 2 people that say, "yes". This number may vary. In this case you're average is 2 for every 10. If you know this you should look forward to your eight "No's" to get you're two sign ups.

If you want to sign up 4, look to get 16 people that tell you No. The more No's you go through is the faster you get to a Yes.

(4).  May not be the right time - Timing is everything. You may be on this site now because you are involved in an MLM company. Six years ago would you be on a site like this? 

People's situations change every six months. People may not need your product or opportunity now but they usually always invest in an item that solves the problem that your product was made for.

It's not that they don't need your products.  Find the time that is right.

Responses to 19 of the Most Popular MLM Rejections

One aspect that helps reduce mlm rejection is the ability to handle objections. Most times you may not know what to say.

However through practice and repeated objections you'll eventually learn until the point it becomes second nature. The following examples should help you handle a few:

1. I want to think about it

  1. That means you have questions. Since I'm here now you can ask me all the questions you have?
  2. Rather than think, is better to know.  What do you want to know that will help you make a better decision?
  3. If I could show you how to try the product without obligation or contract would you?
  4. What are the top three concerns or questions that would determine if you would join me or not?

I don't have time

  1. You don't need time, I have the time. You have the people.  We can leverage my time to do this with you.
  2. That's why I contacted you with this morning . . . to help free up your time.
  3. That’s why the good thing about this is you can do this part-time or your spare time

Only people at the top make money

  1. That sounds like my job. I'll never make as much money as the guy at the top.
  2. This business pays you what your worth. Often people get paid more than their upline.
  3. If I can show you how you can make as much money as the people at the top (or even more ) would you take a look at it

I have a job

  1. People have life insurance, car insurance, health insurance, do you have income insurance? If you have a job you can be fired. When your job stops your income stops.  Let me show you what it takes to get the first level of residual income.
  2. Statistics show that over 50% of houses could've been saved in the foreclosure crisis if there was is an extra thousand dollars that came in each household

I hate people

  1. Do you love yourself? Do you know people? I love people give me your people, watch me do your three-way calls or two on ones with them.

I know someone who lost money doing MLM

  1. Tell me how (usually they'll tell you how, but you'll know why.  Then you can explain the reason they probably lost money).  If I can show you how to keep all your money doing MLM would you let me show you?

I don't have the money

  1. If I can specifically show you how to get your money back in 30 days would it make a difference? (most times money isn't the problem. Their belief at the products or opportunity is worth the amount is the problem). 
  2. If I could show you how to get the money would you let me?

What is it

  1. It's what I've been trying to tell you about but this (video, DVD, phone recording) what explain it better than I can.

I don't like to sell

  1. Good, me neither. That's why we don't sell, we show
  2. I don't like to sell either, we just let them know the product exist then let them make their own decision

Is this a pyramid scam

  1. Fortune magazine Direct Selling Association and Better Business Bureau don't associate themselves with scams
  2. Pyramids are when money is exchanging hands and there's no product or service. Our product is (tell them your product)
  3. What is a pyramid? (let them explain it back to you.  Usually that will say it's when the guy at the top makes all the money. If they say that say that sounds like my job . . . )

There's too much competition

  1. We've been in business (however many years) years.  We are still sponsoring people by the thousand's.
  2. There're over 300 million people in United States, and half of them want burgers but McDonald's, Burger King and Wendys' still have customers everyday right?
  3. Competition is good when you have a unique product. Let me show you

I can find your products cheaper

  1. You can find it cheaper but look at the value you're getting. (If they find it cheaper show them your product or price guarantee if you have one)

I have to ask my wife/Husband

  1. I understand you want to respect their decision. Let's meet at (name time and place). (to avoid this try to show husband-and-wife together the first time.
  2. Great, what is the best time to meet with them so that way I'll already be there to answer any questions they have.

What level are you/How much are you making

  1. My goal is to make (choose dollar amount) by the end of the month, I'm on track to make (choose dollar amount) by the end of the month so far.
  2. I just started but with my upline's help, my goal is (choose dollar amount) for the month.

I don't know anybody

  1. Great that means you won't be prejudged.
  2. If I could show you how to easily meet more people would you be open to learn?
  3. Do you have a job? Let's see who you interact with on a daily basis.

I don't know how to do this

  1. Many people weren't born knowing how to do business but they got mentors to help them get where they are today. Your upline's are your mentors
  2. That’s why the company put a simple system in place for you to follow step-by-step so you can be on the same page with the leaders.

I did those things before

  1. Tell me what happened (usually the method they went about it was wrong or they weren't teachable).  If you had the right method with the right training would you try again?
  2. MLM works just like a franchise works. If you had a franchise and the CEO taught you correctly and it failed, does that mean the franchise doesn't work?
  • If I can show you how to make it work will you give it another try?

I don't want to approach my family and close friends

  1. Would it be better if I approached them?
  2. If I could show you how to do it without your friends and family would you look into it more?

I'm not the type to do network marketing

  1. Did you ever recommend a movie or restaurant? Then you already did network marketing, you just never got paid for it
  2. What is the network marketing type (wait for answer).  If I could show you how to do network marketing without (their answer) would you look more into it?

If you practice the responses above to the objections, in time you will be able to handle MLM rejection more effectively.

Remember we're not in the business of TRYING to get people to say yes. Some people's answer is a solid “No”.  However, they may use one of these excuses as a nice way to say No.

These examples of ways to answer MLM rejections are just weeding out the interested leads / prospects from the really not interested ones. That's why some answers to objections are, “If I, would you . . . ”

If their answer is constantly, "No" or they keep giving excuses, . . . On to the next one.

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