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Welcome to the RichMentorship Network Marketing Newsletter page. You're on this page because of one of the following reasons:

  • You Want to Stay Updated on Latest News in the MLM Industry - Many of you would like to be considered an insider in this industry. Doing this will give you an edge over your associates and competition
  • You're Struggling in Your Network Marketing Company - You're frustrated and have concerns about your progress. You’re looking for what will get you over that hump that's been holding you back from your success
  • You are Unsure of the Industry and Need Some Guidance - You don't feel you're knowledgeable as you should be about this field and you want to increase understanding
  • You Want to be Educated - Instead of skimming through many books and magazines, a Newsletter can give you a quick reference to certain topics geared toward your issue

Why THESE Newsletters???

If you don’t notice, on this page there are:

  • No Products
  • No Coupons
  • No Deals
  • No Promises of something showing up in the mail

(in other words, there are no tricks to get you to give up information)

I’ve bought leads, I’ve bought books, and I’ve subscribed to webinars.  I even subscribed to programs that promised me thousands of sign-ups only to realize I've been FOOLED into buying their products with no real return.  

On this page if you truly want information (and be educated) on how to truly get ahead in this industry, you can subscribe to my newsletters and receive GENUINE help with no strings attached.

As you can see in my About Me page, I've been in the Network Marketing industry since 2001. Have been through almost every kind of upline, downline, and the multilevel marketing issue that exists.

Times DO get tough. In fact, it gets so tough that over 90% of the people who join network marketing quit before they see a dollar from the company. The 10% who decide to stay, will tell you (as I am telling you now) the benefits outweigh the struggle.

The fact is, in network marketing you are your own boss. But some people treat this industry they’re an employee. Because of that people struggle.

However, one thing I DO understand is that you realize that this industry DOES have the chance to give you the time freedom and financial freedom that you need in order to get your life back. So you HAVE to make this work.

Opting in for RichMentorship’s Network Marketing newsletter will help you make your way to get that much closer to joining the ranks of the 10%.


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