The UniLevel Comp Plan and How It Works

The Unilevel Comp Plan is a plan with unlimited width. When I say that, realize that every single person that you introduce to the club will be on your first level.

Due to the fact that everybody you sponsor is on your frontline (first level), there is no spillover.

Most compensation plans pay you a percentage of your downline up to a certain level. Usually, this level is between 5 and 10.

A Unilevel comp plan pays down to the 5th level.  For example:

  • On the 1st level, you may get 35% of the volume of what your direct downline brings in.
  • You may get 25% of what your second level brings in.
  • You may get 20% of what your third level brings in
  • Then get 15% of what you're fourth level brings in
  • Then get 10% of what you're fifth level brings in.

see in example below

Unilevel Comp Plan Bonuses

Direct Sponsor Bonus

The Unilevel compensation plan has bonuses similar to most compensation plans. You have the Direct Sponsored Bonus.  An example of this is the following:

1. You get $100 bonus for every 3 people you sponsor directly

2. Every two people you sponsor you get $50

3. Sponsor five people within 30 days you get a bonus of $300 Plus $50 for every person after that for the remaining of the 30 days

Quickstart Bonuses

There are Quickstart or Superstar bonuses.  These are bonuses for representatives who get off to a successful start with the company. This is also to encourage new representatives to reach their full potential.

An example of a Quick Start bonus would be:

1. If you sponsor 4 within your first 30 days you get a bonus of $500

2. Sponsor 4 within your first week your bonus is doubled $1,000

3. Sponsor 15 people within 20 days you get a $3,000 bonus

This bonus is usually available to representatives whose start date is within 60 days or less.

Downline Commissions

There are downline commissions/bonuses.  This is money paid to you when your downline performance is at a certain level. The purpose of these commissions and bonuses are to encourage you to be a leader within your organization.

Commissions and bonuses are similar to those explained above.

1. You make 35% of the lineage of year first level downline

2. If your downline up to 2 levels brings in $10,000 within 30 days you get a $2000 bonus, Plus 10% of the volume.

3. You make 25% of what your second level brings in.

Unilevel Comp Plan Advantages and Disadvantages 

Of course, like any other compensation plan, you’ll find that there are advantages and disadvantages that come along with it.

The Advantages of the Unilevel compensation plan are:

  • It is easy to explain to prospects. You don’t have to worry about losing new prospects due to the difficulty of grasping the concept
  • This plan is a dream come true for those who are good at recruiting since they get the bulk of the profits from everyone on their frontline
  • It is ideal for experienced network marketers

The Disadvantages of the Unilevel compensation plan are:

  • Difficult to leverage your income with this plan
  • You have less teamwork and cooperation with each other because hardly anyone will be on each other’s team
  • New members of the organization already have to be good at recruiting to have longevity in the business.
  • You have to lead and manage a large group of people which is usually your frontline

Conclusion of Unilevel Comp Plan

The Unilevel comp plan is easy to understand and very simple. It is similar to a traditional sales job in the fact that every person you personally sponsor is on your front line (no spillover) so you get a direct commission from your efforts.

However, in this type of compensation plan, the higher percentage commissions usually are paid from your first level. Therefore the ones usually get paid the most are the experienced network marketers and representatives who are good at selling.

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