How to Generate Pre Qualified MLM Leads

Pre Qualified MLM Leads are in high demand by many network marketers in the industry.

More than 90% of network marketers are on the hunt for leads.  It would be even better if these leads were pre qualified MLM leads.  The BEST would be if they had a pre qualified lead generation system to have the leads come in on a consistent basis.

As a network marketer, can you imagine you sitting your living room and get at least 15 people per day either:

  • Call You
  • Text You
  • Email You

. . . asking YOU to give them more information on what you have?  Most MLM companies suggest that their representatives expose their opportunity to at least 2 leads per day in order to receive residual income within months.

Mistake of BUYING Leads!

Most likely you have contacted everyone on your warm market list and are trying to stay afloat.  You try to meet people in the cold market, however, the process is slower than what you would like it to be.  Especially when you have to incorporate it in with your regular daily responsibilities.

So you may do what do SOME network marketers do . . . which is buy leads.  You look online and search for companies that offer leads.  Every search engine result says they have leads that are:

  • Original
  • Pre Qualified
  • Cheap
  • The Best
  • Interested
  • Guaranteed

Pre Qualified MLM Leads - Mistake of Buying Leads

It sounds GREAT but ask yourself this question.  If their leads are SO GREAT, how come they don’t keep all of those leads for themselves, join an MLM company and at least make over $10,000 in residual income per month instead of making a one time sale of $5 to $20 of MLM leads.

In addition, WHEN were these leads acquired?  If they got these leads weeks or months ago and you just purchased them, how open would they be to your opportunity when their excitement may have decreased after that long.

If a quality lead (who was remotely worth something) cost $3 each and you bought 30 of them, you would’ve spent $90.

If out of those 30 purchased leads, 2 decided to join you in your opportunity within that month.

That means you would have paid $90 for two people to join your team.  The average purchased lead who joins a network marketing company quits within 3 months.  Therefore you would have to keep spending money to keep up with the turn over rate.

The main point of joining an MLM company is to make residual income . . . not spend money trying to maintain your downline.

What ISN'T a Pre Qualified MLM Lead

Just because someone SAYS certain things doesn’t mean that they’re a qualified lead.  For example:

  • I want to make more money
  • I want to be financially free
  • I want to save on beauty products
  • I’m going to answer your poll on your website
  • I need a change in my life

Everyone may think this way.  However, if they said these things but you realize:

  • They don’t want to spend ANY money
  • Not willing to go to training
  • Don’t want to talk to people
  • Not willing to build a business

. . . you may be wasting time with that person.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay in contact with that person based on what they said.

However, you may yield better results if you spend time with those willing to build a business, ready to invest, and ready to be trained.

What IS a Pre Qualified MLM Lead

Let’s say that you graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education.  Now you are ready to start your career in teaching.  Junior high schools, high schools, and colleges may see you as a lead because your degree is in the field of education.

However, you may not be looking to work in a junior high school, high school OR college.  Even though your degree is in the field of Education you specialize in Elementary Education.

Therefore, you are seeking various elementary schools in the area to submit your resume to.  Elementary schools in the area see that you reached out to them through:

  • Email
  • Mailed a Letter
  • Phone Call, etc.

. . . and submitted your resume.  They see that you fit the criteria because not only do you have a degree in the education field, you have a degree in Elementary Education.  This would make you a Qualified applicant (do you see what I’m getting at?)

The next step is for them to interview you and tell you what they expect from you and what they will offer you in return.  Then YOU decide if you want to accept the position or not.

Notice that the following steps to you getting that position was:

  • You had a need, which was a job.
  • You actively looked for a job in the area that fit your needs (Elementary School).
  • The elementary school was able to provide a comfortable working environment and an acceptable salary.
  • You accepted the position as a new teacher

This is an example out of MANY where people:

  • Buy a product
  • Accept a position
  • Try a new service
  • Join an MLM

because it met a need, want or desires that they had.

Getting Pre Qualified MLM Leads For Your Product

Pre Qualified MLM Leads - Getting Leads for Your Product

As a network marketer, when you consistently attract people who need, want or desire your product OR services (as well as ABLE to take advantage of them) you will ALWAYS attract warm leads.

If you are focusing on selling or promoting your company’s products, decide which aspect you want to focus on.

Know your companies products and decide which aspect (niche) of the product you have a passion in:

  • Cosmetics - You may focus on the organic ingredients that keep your skin healthy
  • Nutritional Supplements - You may focus on migraine reducing agents in your body
  • Traveling - You may focus on bucket list items for retirees
  • Utilities - You may focus on the benefits of wholesale packages for house bills

The only people who will be contacting you are people who have needs in one of these categories.  They ALSO will be contacting you because they believe that you have enough knowledge and answers on how to solve their problem.

This is why it is important to be involved in your MLM and know your product or service.  Know HOW your product or service can help individuals so you can be better equipped to answer any questions and solve a need that they may have.

Once you are viewed as a reputable person, qualified leads will start flooding your inbox.  This will put you in a position to be a qualified expert in their eyes who is prepared to talk to a qualified lead who provided a solution to their need or wants.  This will increase your production ratio.

Getting Pre Qualified MLM Leads For Your Business

Pre Qualified MLM Leads - Getting Leads for Your Business

If you want to build your downline, you would want to focus on what people are looking for in a business opportunity.  This will include people who:

  • Want to create extra income
  • Want financial freedom
  • Wants to retire their parents
  • Wants to help their spouse

You don’t want to just pitch your opportunity online and leave them up to decide if it is for them or not.  You want to explain how and why it can be a solution to their needs and problems. 

You also don’t want to ONLY explain how your opportunity can be a solution to their problems, you want to appear as the expert who can make that happen (just like you would appear like the expert on the product that will help them).

Pre Qualified MLM Leads - Find a specific solution to their problem

It will benefit you to give your visitors information that will educate them and increase their knowledge.  You will want to build their trust in you and increase your credibility with them.  In doing this you will stand out from the crowd

There are thousands of different opportunities that can help them create extra income and time freedom.  They don’t want to hear about your one of a kind downline structure.  They want to hear how HOW to build a business that can be of value to them as well as help them accomplish the goals in the above bullet points.  They want to learn information that can be of great value to THEM.

Be sure to add your personality to your strategy.  Don’t come across as if you’re only after the money in their pockets and just want to sign them up.  Concentrate on their best interests and they will come.

Creating a Lead Generation System

Pre Qualified MLM Leads - Creating a Lead Generation System

Imagine if there was a system in place to generate at least 10 to 15 new pre qualified mlm leads per day requesting information from you about your products or opportunity.  In fact, how would you feel if the following happened:

  • You have 5 appointments per day
  • You sign up 30 reps (or customers) minimum per month
  • You have to pass some leads to your downline because you have too many
  • You don’t pay for these pre qualified mlm leads
  • You pass up your upline in production

If you’re thinking, “this doesn’t happen or else many people would have had this happen already”, tell that to the representatives on my What Is Internet Network Marketing page.

Click Image Below To See How

Solo Build It!

The difference between them (as well as many others) and millions of network marketers in the industry is most of them have a system that generates leads for them.

Issues With Setting Up a Lead System

Here are the 3 issues with setting up a lead system.

  • Many people do not have the patience to build a system that generates leads for them.  They don’t know where and how to start.  In addition, most people will give up when they realize it takes a considerable amount of time (up to one year) to have your system work.  Attacking your warm market list works also and you may get a quick start.  However, if you plan to do MLM long term you need a system to generate leads.
  • Many people do not have the money to build a lead generating system.  Even though it is relatively inexpensive (ranging between $29 - $300) most do not want to spend the extra money on top of whatever they are already paying their network marketing company.
  • Most do not want to put in the effort.  We are in the era where people expect to pay money and things get done for you.  You have to actually build the system once you are given the tools and instructions.  Instead, many desperate MLM’ers give money to people to solve all of their problems for them.

It Is Worth It!

Regardless of what MLM company in the world you belong to, you can surpass your goals and have the long-awaited residual income and time freedom that you constantly think about. 

Regardless of how long it takes to set up the system to generate leads, it will be worth it when your downline grows and you finally can have time and financial freedom.

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