The Monoline Compensation Plan:
How It Works

The Monoline compensation plan was introduced to the industry in 2008. As time passes it is becoming one of the fastest growing compensation plans used by various multilevel marketing companies.

The reason for that is it has become the most attractive plan in the network marketing industry and the simplest model that is the easiest to be understood. This plan is also known as a Fast Start comp plan that produces one of the fastest momentums.

The Monoline compensation plan (for each member's downline) consists of only one leg.

Other terms that people use to refer to this plan is the Linear plan or Single Leg plan. With the Monoline compensation plan, you will receive income from everyone below you . . . even those who you have not introduced to the company personally.

The Monoline Compensation Plan Structure

The compensation plan looks like a straight vertical line with members within that line one after the other. This plan performs on a first-come-first-serve basis.  So the structure of the Monoline MLM plan depends on the recorded start date.

1The other plans such as the Matrix or Binary require that you sign on two (or more) customers first BEFORE you move on to build your lineage.  Because of the single-line design, there are no mandatory spaces to fill up on the first level for this plan to work. However, as what was stated before, depending on the company that uses this compensation plan, a requirement can be implemented.

For example, if you're at the top you'll automatically be paid on everybody below you whether you put them in personally or they are spill over. Furthermore, they do not have to be on a certain level for you to get the benefit. However, a company can make it a requirement for you to sponsor at least 4 individuals before you start getting paid for anything.

They can say once you sponsor those 4 individuals you'll get paid a specific amount of what they bring into the organization and you get paid another percentage of the rest of the downline.

Either way, all of those individuals still fall below you.

How It Works

So how it actually works is that instead of everyone having to build their own levels and legs in their downline . . . the whole company would be a single leg.

What this means, is that after you sign on to be a representative in the company, every person that decided to be a representative with the company (regardless of what country they’re from) is in your downline.

In order for you to get paid from the efforts of everyone below you, you would have to have 4 personal customers who purchase a specific product that has an auto monthly payment of some sort (e.g. recurring monthly charge)

You would get paid 10% of their lineage including their downline.

However, you would get paid 2% of the rest of everyone in your downline that you had nothing to do with.

Advantage and Disadvantages of the Monoline Compensation Plan

The advantage of using the Monoline MLM structure is:

  • Even if the new distributor was introduced to the company by your upline, whoever gets in the company first get the benefits.

The disadvantage of this compensation plan is:

Most people believe it breeds laziness. It is easy for someone to:

  • Sign-up in the company that has a monoline compensation structure
  • Don't put in the work
  • Then benefit from everyone else putting people in (since everyone automatically falls below them anyway).

This is why most companies would make it a requirement for people to introduce or sign on a certain number people to the business first before they start getting paid for anything.

They also determine what percentage of income certain representatives get based on their performance regardless of the structure they use.

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