MLM Warm Market: The definition and how to approach them

Your mlm warm market is defined as people you already have a close rapport with such as friends and family. However, the warm market could be separated into two groups:

  1. You're Hot market
  2. Your Warm market.

Your HOT market is the people that know the most intimate aspects of you such as:

  • You're favorite food
  • Your high school crush
  • Your life goals
  • If you snore, etc. (and vice versa).  

You're hot market is usually someone who you would be comfortable calling 3 o'clock in the morning to come help you with a flat tire (and they would actually come out to help).  Examples of your hot market would be your:

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Brother
  • Best Friend
  • Cousin
  • Boyfriend
  • Girlfriend
  • Son
  • Daughter, etc. 

Your Warm market is someone you know (and who knows you).  They may not be your best friend, but they are friends that you go out with from time to time and have fun with.

They (your warm market) may be acquaintances that you see every now and then and have conversations with. Basically, they know you on the first name basis. 

Examples of your warm market are:

  • Your friends
  • Church members
  • Club members
  • Workout partners
  • Your barber
  • Hairstylist, etc. 

The benefits of having a warm market list is you can skip the “trying to build rapport” aspect that you had in the cold market approach.  The rapport's already built.  

The Gift and The Curse of an MLM Warm Market List

Pros of an MLM Warm Market List

When you compile your warm market list, it is natural to prejudge people on that list.  You come up with excuses not to present your products or opportunity.

You may think, they have a lot of money and don't need this.”, I showed them my last opportunity, they said no.”, "I don't know the person that well, so I don't want to approach them yet.”  

Your mindset is a big part of why you succeed in your business. The purpose of the hot or warm market is to help you off to fast start. These are the people that will most likely give you've the time of day for you to show them what you have because you're not a stranger.

Due to the fact that you KNOW your warm market already, you have the opportunity to really evaluate each person and the situation to see how your product or opportunity can help them.  

Cons of an MLM Warm Market List

The good thing about your market is that they already know you.

The bad thing about your warm market is that they already know you.

I say that because you will be blessed OR cursed for who you were BEFORE you decided to join your mlm opportunity.

Does your warm market see you as the following?:

  • Swindler
  • Thief
  • Know what all
  • Showoff
  • Liar

or do they see you as the following?:

  • Family Man
  • Trustworthy
  • Educated
  • Popular
  • Humble
  • Honest

. . . results of the Gift and the Curse

Do you ever find that there are times you repeat yourself to someone over and over again and they either don't believe you or don't listen? However someone else comes along a week later and says the same thing and they believe them the first time?

It doesn't feel good does it? Sometimes people will join you with whatever opportunity you presented to them.  This is not because of the product itself, but because it's YOU presenting it. If people see value in you and see the belief you have in your product or opportunity they will join you in almost anything you do (or at least take a serious look at it).

That's why it's important to carry yourself responsibly with integrity, especially when presenting your company. Your market doesn't only look at what products they're buying, They look at who they're buying it from.

They don't just look at joining the business, they look at who they're the joining the business with.

If you think you're past is questionable with your mlm warm market, don't fear. That is what the 3-way call 2 on 1's , business meetings and conference calls are for.

Invite . . . Invite . . . Invite!!!

It is your responsibility to approach your market.  However you choose to have them exposed is at you're discretion. If you think your credibility is lacking with certain people, put them on a three way call or invite them to a meeting.

This gives them an opportunity to be exposed to your upline (or someone with more credibility and experience) so they can receive the proper information about your opportunity.


Since your hot and warm market are the ones who know you best it should be easier to contact them.

However, depending on how they view you (or what you know about them) use your company's training to determine how you want to present the opportunity to them.

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