The 3 Way Call in Your MLM Business:
The Step by Step Guide

The purpose of the 3 way call is to help validate your company and your mlm opportunity to your prospect.

This is done through your telephone with a feature that allows 3 people to talk to each other at the same time.

This happens when you are on the phone with your prospect and that they are on the fence about joining or have a few more questions.  At that time you call a seasoned upline on 3 way and connect them with the prospect so all questions can be answered.

When you first start your business and start to introduce people to your business, in most cases you may like the information to come across as very persuading to your new prospects.  Therefore, 3-way calls do the following:

  • Validates you, your company, the business, and your product
  • Bridges the gap between a new person and an expert
  • Helps build the confidence of the new representative
  • Cost-effective with the most impact

New network marketers aren't the only people using 3-way calls on their prospects. High-ranking representatives in the MLM industry use them also.  Remember, just because someone is high ranking in the industry doesn't mean that he or she has a warm market who sees them in that positive light.

Some of their warm markets may have known them from their past as someone who:

  • Got drunk all the time
  • Always behind on bills
  • The Petty thief, etc.

Sometimes that veteran needs their prospect to hear the MLM opportunity from someone else's viewpoint in order to add credibility

Who Should Do Your 3 Way Call

You can conduct 3 ways with:

  • Your sponsor
  • Your sponsor's upline
  • Someone else's upline

In many cases, it doesn't even have to be an upline.  It can be someone with a vast knowledge about the company who is able to answer the questions and concerns of any prospect that we have.

What this does is provide social proof to the prospect that there is a sense of a team atmosphere as well as support available whenever needed. It also paints a clear picture of what's possible with the company in the eyes of an expert.

The Process of the 3 Way Call

The process of a 3-way call is this follows:

  • Tell the person who is doing the three-way call (most likely an upline) about your prospect
  • Call your prospect (if you're not already on the phone with them) and explain to them that you're going to make a call to an expert in the company to answer questions and concerns they may have.
  • Edify your upline in a way that puts your prospect in the position to listen
  • Connect the upline and prospect on the 3 way call then introduce the upline and the prospect to each other ( and edify upline again)
  • Let the upline do the rest of the talking

Follow Up From the 3 Way Call

It is a well-known fact in the industry that most of the sales are done in the follow-up. The process of the follow-up from a 3-way call is this follows:

  • Agree upon a time with your prospects that will be okay to follow up with them
  • In the meantime, expose them to an additional reference such as a conference call, video, recording, etc.
  • Determine if your upline will be available at the agreed upon time between you and your prospect
  • At the agreed-upon time call your prospect
  • Determine if they have watched or to listened to your additional reference
  • If they say yes, ask what did they like best about what they saw.  When they answer with what they liked best, you can attempt to close them
  • If they still have questions, do another 3-way call

Don't Force Your Prospect on a 3 Way Call

It is important while doing a three-way call that you don't force your upline on your prospect.

People don't want to feel like they are being coerced into being a part of something if they're not open to it. This will increase the chances that your prospect will put up a wall against you and they'll most likely hang up. People like to buy . . . they don't like to be sold.

Instead, you should come across the 3-way call as if you are genuinely concerned about their questions (because you should be) and you care to get them answered with integrity.

For example, you can say something like,

“I have one of my partners who has been doing this for over 10 years. They have used every product and achieved every rank in the company. They will be able to answer that question then you can see if this opportunity is for you or not.  Please give me a second”

After the upline answers and you have them on 3 way you can say something like,

“Thank goodness they answered, they don't have much time because they are busy but we have one of the top representatives and customers on the phone right now with us and like I said they've been doing this for a long time and can answer that question that you had.”

. . . Then you introduce the prospect to your upline and let the upline takeover.

Most likely you will want to conduct a 3 way with many of your MLM prospects. The benefits of that are they become a representative in your downline and they will duplicate what you did with them in order to expose their prospects as well.

You may not need to do a three-way call with EVERY exposure or EVERY prospect. However, depending on the current situation use your own judgment.

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