Duplication in MLM: . . . Become Insignificant To Your Downline

When you implement duplication in mlm you can be successful and not matter to your downline in the long run.

. . . but when you get started in mlm you probably thought the following:

  • I’m going to have financial freedom
  • I'm going to have time freedom
  • I'm going to hit the top ranks this company, etc.

When you constantly think I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that, you subconsciously make yourself believe that you have to do all the work. Therefore, you go to trainings, learn everything you can and start implementing those training lessons.

 . . . if you do ALL the the work for your downlines, when you stop then the growth of your downline stops . . . that is why in the duplication in mlm is stressed heavily.

You introduce a few people to your mlm opportunity then you start:

  • Presenting for them
  • Doing 3 ways for them
  • You're doing all the team trainings
  • Organizing all of the team meetings
  • Doing 1 on 1’s for them
  • Doing 2 on 1’s for them, etc.

Nevertheless, one thing that you may have forgotten is the concept of linear income vs. residual income.

  1. With Linear Income when you stop working, your income stops
  2. Residual Income is when you stop working, your income continues to come in

Don't Work Hard . . . Work Smart

By being the only one doing ALL the the work for your downlines, if you stop then the growth of your downline stops (because they don't know how to do what you do).

That is why in the mlm industry the importance of duplication in mlm and leveraging his stressed heavily.

Duplication in MLM - Work Smart . . . Not Hard

I don't care what multilevel marketing company you look at. If you take a survey on several of the highest-paid representatives in each company they will have thousands of people on their team but will probably only have 100 personal people they sponsored.

I'll say it like this . . .

  • If they only had hundred people in their whole downline would that bring them to the major success they have right now? No.
  • So where did those thousands of people come from in their downline?  It came from the people that they sponsored who are doing things exactly the way that their upline is doing it.

One of the best advice in business is, “ . . . Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart!”

Importance of Duplication in MLM

You may plan on being a leader in your organization and having a downline that you want to help achieve their goals.  If that is the case, it would benefit to you to find the system that is simple enough for anyone to come into your business and be able to do right away.

Duplication in MLM - Importance of Duplication

Let's say for example:

You join you're mlm company. At one of the trainings you see a presenter. You think to yourself, “. . . if only I can present like them, I would feel good about myself and people will understand what the company has to offer.”

So then you start modeling your presentations like that presenter.  Days go by, or even weeks. Then you feel that you have finally learned how to present the company in various ways that will improve your sign-up ratio.

You start presenting the company to several of your prospects. Your way of presenting the material has an effect on some of your prospects so they decide to join with you. Those prospects shortly afterwards have a few people that they want you to show the company to. 

They also want you to do:

  • 3 ways
  • 1 on 1’s
  • 3 on 1's
  • Introductions
  • Presentations

You are basically the go to person for them because they like the way that YOU do it.  About 10 to 15 sign-ups later you start to feel overwhelmed and not showing your downline the attention that they want / need from you.

Even though your downline goes to trainings and has materials and strategies to help them with their business, they still feel inadequate because they cannot do things the way you do them.

The combination of feeling inadequate, starting to struggle and you slacking off on hosting their business functions and presentations, they start to slow down and eventually quit.  As a bonus, they blame you . . . the upline.

Even though you may have an impressive way to go about presenting the company to prospects, if your downline cannot duplicate your impressive way, it will be a matter of time before your whole downline slows down too screeching halt.

What's Worth Duplicating?

Most MLM companies offer systems to their representatives that are duplicatable. For example, every new representative that comes into your downline may not be able to give a 20 minute presentation in spanish and back it up with personal experience with use of the product.

But every new representative this capable of pushing play on a DVD player or a laptop presentation and letting the video do the explaining for them.

If your downline can duplicate what you do, you'll never HAVE TO be there for them to produce.

The aspects of your MLM that would be beneficial to duplicate are:

1. Invitation

There are various invitation methods that most MLM companies use to invite on a Conference Call, Presentation, or Online Video, etc. If everyone in your downline are trained by the company the same way (like they're supposed to) there will be no confusion on the different invitation methods we have access to.

You may be able to reduce the options down to 3 according to which invitation is comfortable for your downline according to their comfort level. However, there should always be a set number of invitations that everyone on your team should know verbatim.

Duplication in MLM - Duplicate Your Invitation Methods

2. Demonstration / Presentation

When I was a new rep in my network marketing company, my goal was to be:

  • The best Presenter
  • The best Closer
  • The best Inviter, Etc.

The problem was no one else knew how to do it like I did. However, what everyone DID know how to do was pass out a CD ROM. They also knew how to put the DVD and the DVD player and press play. The more simple you keep it for the people on your team, the greater chance you have at them being able to do what you do.

Duplication in MLM - Duplicate Your Presentation

3. Education

Educating yourself on how the company and products work is very beneficial.  However make sure your whole team gets the SAME information, from the SAME training that the company endorses.

If you and your downline get the same training from your company, there will be no confusion as to what everyone in your lineage was just trained on.  Everyone should have the same information.

Duplication in MLM - Duplicate Your Training Methods

4. Engagement

Every MLM / Network Marketing company has training methods on how to invite introduce or recruit prospects to see the opportunity. There are different methods that every MLM company has. There are different scripts that they may offer you and your team to learn from.

Everyone on your team may feel comfortable using various methods, but make sure every member on your team has access to those methods that's the company offers. Let them choose which one fit their personality.

Duplication in MLM - Duplicate Your Engagement with Prospects

5. Closing

There are various closings that you can use that MLM companies offer to you that are tailored to their particular product. 

It may benefit you to choose two or three closings that's would be beneficial to most people on your team. The purpose of this is there may be times that your team has to help each other out.

You as well as others can jump in and out of different parts of the presentation and feel comfortable that you already are used to a closing method that your team member was going to use anyway.

Duplication in MLM - Duplicate Your Close

. . . What NOT to do

One thing you do not want to do is tell your downline to go to training and leave it up to the training to teach them how to do these things on their own.

In one of my first network marketing experiences, I was so excited to succeed in the company that I went to every training. The upline of the person that sponsored me had the highest ranking the company, so I felt like I was part of a great team.

There was one problem though. During trainings they taught me how to Invite, Present, Recruit, and Close.  However, I had no one to hold me accountable to implement the things that I’ve learned.

When I did do some of the things that I was taught, I had no one to measure how effective I was or offer me any suggestion on how to get better. There were many times I was stuck wondering what I was doing wrong and I would get general feedback, not specific feedback tailored to the way I personally was doing things.

When your downline implements duplication in mlm attempting the above aspects of the business, be there with them the first few times. Make sure you offer constructive feedback on how they did and what they can do to improve there invite process.

Next move to the demonstration / presentation process, etc.

Duplicatable Honorable Mention

One more thing I should mention duplicating is TIME.  Put your valuable time to good use. Money in mlm can be replaced, but time cannot. Do not spend the majority of your time with people you have to motivate to take the business seriously.

You want to spend the majority of your time with people who ALREADY take the business seriously but just need some guidance. 

Duplication in MLM - Duplicate Time

Teach your downlines to do the same thing.  If leaders in your downline are demonstrating what uplines should do . . . and they're demonstrating it for unappreciative or dead reps in their downline, they won't see much growth anyway (because they're helping people who don't want to be helped).

Duplication in mlm is like tipping dominoes. All you have to do to start the process is teach your downline what to do. Once they learn what to do, you should be insignificant to them after that. Once you tip that first domino, that domino tips the next one.

Than that one tips the next one and so on and so forth until the domino's are tipping each other all on their own. You only tipped the first domino, but the dominoes took on a life of their own because they are lined up in a simple order.

. . . Get a Good Start

You'll be lucky if you introduce people to your opportunity and they go off on their own and have success. That's like a CEO selling a franchise to a buyer, have them attend a few trainings, watch videos and leave them on their own to recruit employees, train them, and come and serve customers.

That CEO would make sure that person who bought the franchise has someone there to support him and get him off to the right start.

When you introduce people to your opportunity, the key is to show them the correct way.  A way that is duplicatable.  Get them off to good start.  Once they take off on their own, teach them how to introduce others to the opportunity.

Then teach them to support THEIR downline the same way you did.  Once they grasp the concept your time will be freed up to do other things. In addition, the chances that your business will flourish will increase tremendously.

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