MLM Conference Calls: 3 Ways To Use Them Effectively

MLM conference calls are under estimated.  A conference call is when anywhere from 2 to 500 or more people (prospects, leaders, or downlines) can be on the telephone at the same time (just having a conference) these calls can be set up to where the host would be the only one talking and everybody else is on mute.  It also can be set up to where everyone on the call can participate.

A conference call can be a valuable tool when using it to build your MLM business. There are many different ways to use this tool if implemented correctly.  However, the three main ways that top leaders in the MLM industry use conference calls are for:

  • Downline training
  • Leader training
  • Presentations

Usually, in MLM companies, you have teams that are spread out across different states.  Of course, every person on your downline will not catch a flight to one centralized location every week for a meeting. However, it is easier for everyone spread across different states to call in for training.

Downline Training

If you have someone in your downline you knew or introduce the opportunity to (or several other people in your downline you haven't introduced) they may be in an area where they aren't able to drive to a meeting.

Chances are greater that they can dial in from there immediate area.  Then they will be taught the basic instructions such as:

  • How to invite
  • How to edify
  • How to do 3-way calls
  • How to use the product
  • How to host a presentation
  • Presentation protocol

Then you may want to go over certain housekeeping rules such as how to protect the company and the brand as well as the number to customer service and representative line.

Leadership Training

In order for your downline to grow, you would have to duplicate yourself in some form or fashion. If you have a huge team you may find it challenging to meet with everyone in your downline at the same time. However, you can meet with the leaders in your downline on MLM conference calls and train them how to lead effectively. You can go over topics such as:

  • How to stay positive
  • Always being available
  • How to make the process simple (just like you did)
  • Staying active
  • How to create momentum
  • How to communicate with others
  • How to be effective through testimony

Remember that leaders are attracted to other leaders. In order to have good quality leaders on the call, you would have to be a proven leader yourself.  By having leadership training you will also be developing your leadership skills.


Presentations on conference calls are little different in the fact that you're not training or motivating anyone. Most likely you will have guests on the call (hopefully the majority are guests).

Even though you aren't able to have any visuals on the conference call (unless it's a webinar) you can still paint a picture for your guests through:

  • Your testimony
  • The introduction
  • The Industry
  • Your company
  • Your services and products
  • The opportunity
  • Closing with another testimony

Presentations through conference calls have the potential to produce great results. It limits the hassle of travel and the inconvenience.  It also enables people to be exposed to the opportunity through you or a more qualified upline.

Importance of MLM Conference Calls

MLM conference calls can be important to the success of any MLM business as far as making communication more accessible

Conference calling can be valuable when your team needs to quickly meet or to quickly update each other on breaking news from the company.

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