The 4Life MLM opportunity

The 4Life MLM opportunity is in the Health and Wellness industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Health and Wellness
  • Founded: 1998
  • Key People:
  1.  David Lisonbee - Founder & Chairman of the Board
  2.  Bianca Lisonbee - Founder
  3.  Danny Lee - President & CEO
  4.  Steve Tew - Vice Chairman of the Board
  5. Mark Ostler - Chief Financial Officer
  6. David Vollmer - Chief Scientific Officer
  7. Andrew Weeks - Chief Information Officer
  8. Trent Tenney - Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales
  9. Jeffrey Kalinin - Seniour Vice President International


Headquarters: Sandy, Utah

The 4Life MLM Opportunity


4Life is a company that offers products that specialize in maintaining a healthy immune system.  According to their website, they also invest in continuous scientific research to make sure that their products live up to their (as well as their consumers) expectations.

The 4Life MLM company also has an in house research and development team as well as a team of scientists and doctors that ensures that the 4Life products are derived from the latest technology.

They also have a guarantee that is called the Certified 4 Life Transfer factor that ensures that purity and strength of every 4Life product that you put in your body.


According to te 4Life website, they have one of the highest payouts in the industry.  Their rewards for their representatives include:

  • Monthly commissions
  • Infinity bonuses
  • Builder Bonus Payments
  • Master Builder Trips
  • Luxurious Great Escape Trips to Dream Locations

Their Recognition  for representatives include:

  • Rank Advancements
  • Special Awards
  • Incentive Trips
  • Distributor Achievements

Their trainings cover many topics to ensure their representatives have what they need in order to give them the best chance to become successful.  They have International conventions that ocur every 18 months as well as Distributor meetings.

However, during these meetings they include powerful motivation and inspiration, business building strategies, new product announcements, training from 4Life executives and leaders, Contests and prizes, and Networking opportunities.


4Life provides a considerable amount of service in various areas where their products are available.  Once you become a 4Life representative you have the opportunity to give back in several ways.  You can:

  • Contribute every month with a 4Life autoship order
  • Make a one-time order donation
  • Provide meal to hungry children
  • Donate a percentage of your earnings to Foundation 4Life


At the time of this writing the 4Life company has an "A+" rating with the BBB, Several Appearances on the Direct Selling News Global list and honors from the American Business Awards.

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