5LINX Business Opportunity

The 5LINX business opportunity offers essential products and services.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Telecommunications and Essential Product and Services
  • Founded: 2001
  • Key People:
  1.  Nelson Gerard - Chairman 
  2.  Farshad Tafazzoli - President 
  3.  Mike Gilbert - COO 
  4.  Denise Nowak  - Vice President 

Website: http://5linx.com

The 5LINX Business Opportunity


5LINX was originally known as a telecommunications company.  It was founded in 2001 and many people already compared it to the ACN company due to the fact that it was in the MLM telecommunications industry as well.  After a few years, it was noticed that 5LINX grew at a rapid pace passing many MLM startups that were founded within those 5 years.  As a result 5LINX made the Inc 500 list for the fastest growing companies from year 2006 to 2009.

However, during that time high ranking representatives (Regional Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents such as Andre Maronian and Steve and Pasha Carter) from ACN Inc. took their teams and transferred over to join 5LINX.  This contributed to 5LINX growth.    This growth they had attracted more prospects to their company over time.

It then expanded over the years to a company that offers its consumers essential day to day items that the vast majority of people in the world are already using.  According to their website, they provide their representative with the resources and training to be their own boss.

Their core company products consist of essentials in the Home, Wellness and Business sectors.

Their Home products include:


  • Daily Dimes
  • Platinum Discount Network


  • TeeVee On Demand
  • Internet
  • Fiber Video and Cable


  • Energy Program (Residential)

Security Systems

  • Residential Security

Personal Services

  • Credit Protection
  • Identity Protection
  • Data Recovery and Wireless services

Their Wellness products include:


  • Telemed
  • TeleFamily


  • Coffee Products
  • Tea Products
  • Health Supplements

Their Business Products include:

Digital Marketing

  • Business Elite
  • TextAlertz


  • Commercial Energy


  • Payment Processing Services


  • Commercial Security

They have one International Training Event per year as well as various regionals and local events / trainings through out the year.

Their events are claimed to hep you grow personally and professionally.   At their events you are expected to hear from Founders, Co-Founders, Members from their Advisory Board and Field Leaders in your local area.

According to the Better Busines Bureau, 5Linx has received a grade of A+.


  • Inc 5000 (9 times)
  • Inc 500
  • Rochester Top 100
  • DSA Top 100 Global

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