Amsoil MLM

The Amsoil MLM opportunity is in the Motor Oil industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Motor Oil
  • Founded: 1972
  • Key People: 
  1.  Al Amatuzio - Founder


Headquarters: Superior, Wisconsin

The Amsoil MLM Opportunity

As well as a private company founded in 1972 buy by an individual by the name of Al Amatuzio.  They're located in superior Wisconsin offer processing the world in chemical industry worldwide.  The property covers and areas then over 300,000 square feet.

In addition, they have over 300 employees where Have thousands of distributors. To distributors and work with their clients using The multilevel marketing model.

They specialize in synthetic oil. Hands their slogan the "First in Synthetics." The products consist of: 

motor oil

oil analysis

Diesel oils

Specialty products

Motorcycle oils

Bypass filters

2 cycle oils

Filter products

4 stroke oils

Fuel additives

Gear lubes

Hydraulic oil


Compressor oil

Transmission fluid

Industrial lubricants

Suspension influence

Amsoil formulated oils for different uses and specialized engines. The main uses jet engines for the following reasons:

  • Cancel reduces friction and to wear and tear
  • Functions effectively at severe temperatures
  • Operates effectively at lengthy operations of engine use

Al Amatuzio had a great desire for innovation and technology in the chemical industry.  Therefore, it was important to him to develop the best Quality product the Consumers can have.  Because of thatAmsoill has made their mark in their industry by being the first to the following:

  • Make synthetic transmission fluid for use in automobile
  • Make synthetic gear lube
  • Make 100:1 / 2 two cycle oil
  • Makes synthetic oil score Diesel engines racing engines
  • Makes synthetic oil to improve gas mileage
  • Get 100% synthetic oil rate by API

All of his accomplishments along with the quality product provides lead many private professional motorists to become loyal customers. Among those include Rob Powers, Joe Carroll, Ted Eaton and Zachary Nelson.


Since 1999 and so has sponsored professional motorcyclist.  They also are the main sponsor of the grand national cross-country.  The Grand national cross country the motorcycle racing event that contains over 2000 riders competing in some of the environment's toughest road conditions.  They have's categories for ATVs off road vehicles and UTVs.

AMA Supercross championship and AMA arena cross championship (both motorcycling organization) officially uses Amsoil as its main product.

There is an ice hockey venue located in new Minnesota named Amsoil Lorena that Amsoil has rights to as far as naming.

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