Amway Global Quixtar

The Amway Global Quixtar opportunity is in the Home and Healthcare industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Household Products
  • Founded: 1959
  • Key People:
    1. Steve Van Andel - Chairman
    2. Doug DeVos - President
    3. Mark Stevens - Chief Financial Offier


Amway Global Quixtar

Amway global is formerly called Quixtar. It is an MLM company that operates worldwide. For leadership they have Doug DeVos as President and Steve Van Andel as Chairman and located in Ada, MI.  It is privately owned through Alticor.

Alticor is the parent company to Amway, Access Business Group LLC, and Alticor Corporate Enterprises.  Through these companies and networks they serve over 100 countries.


In 1999 the founders launched the sister company by the name of Quixtar that does business mainly by the Internet.  However in order to rebrand (re-introduce) themselves they decided to go back to the Amway name.

Amway global is the main seller of Alticor products such as:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Energy drinks
  • Home care products
  • Personal care Products
  • Water purifiers
  • Air purifiers

Business Model

How Amway global promotes themselves is instead of spending millions of dollars promoting their products they rely on word-of-mouth advertising from Independent Business Owners and person-to-person referral for their products to sell.  Because of this, a portion of their marketingxf and promotion budget is set aside to pay their distributors.

If you are a customer of Amway Global you would make purchases from their website. However, before you make a purchase you will need a referral number from an Independent Business Owner.

If you are an Independent Business Owner you'll be given the option of having your own website. If any purchases are made on that site you will receive up to 31% of the sale.  

Just as the typical MLM, Independent Business Owners would have to pay a registration fee to sell / market their products. Earnings are dependent on the volume of sales (person-to-person) and volume of sales that the people that referred to the business generate.

Independent Business Owners are paid in several different ways

  • Immediate Gross Profit – where the sale is made directly to a customer at retail price
  • Performance Bonus – based on sales made by the group
  • Leadership Bonus – a bonus pay that is based on the performance of your legs in the compensation plan
  • Growth incentives – bonuses and trips that are paid to Independent Business Owners at a certain rank or that has achieved a certain level in the company.

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