Bode Pro Opportunity

The Bode Pro opportunity is in the Health and Wellness industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Health and Wellness
  • Founded: 2017
  • Key People:
  1.  BK Boreyko - Founder
  2.  Karen Boreyko - Co-Founder
  3.  Lauren Boreyko _ Co-Founder


The Bode Pro Opportunity

Bode Pro is an MLM company that focuses on making a difference in families through health and wellness products. The products mainly offer benefits for cellular nutrition.  This cleans your body of all toxins and helps your cells become active again.

They also focus on mental clarity, antioxidants and immune support that play a role in protecting the body from destructive pollutants that can weaken your immune system.

Their top three products which are Bode 10, Bode Strong, and Bode Happy focus on the cellular nutrition immune system support.


Bode 10 - Bod.ē 10 is know as Bod.ē Pro's flagship product. This product it is known to increase stamina, reduces oxidative stress, and enhances cellular production. It is also a patent pending product.

Bode Strong – This product the contains plants sourced minerals and the spectrum of vitamins to maintain healthy skin hair and nails it is documented to be an ultra premium supplement that gives the user critical nutrients that'll be their foundation for health

Bode Happy – This product is an energy drink that is known to support mental awareness as well as cognitive function which increases productivity and focus.  It is also documented to contain natural substances to affect the way you feel.

Their other product consists of:

Bode Be Happy - A Lemon-Lime drink designed to promote cognitive function while increasing your energy. It is also designed to promote focus, alertness and productivity when multitasking.

They manufacture their products in a 250,000 square foot plant that is capable of producing over 400,000 units per day at the top-of-the-line facility.  

This company is said to believe in people before profits.  Therefore they inspire people to not only use their products but to feel good about recommending their products to family and friends.


Bode Pro’s method for marketing are:

  • Retail marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Network marketing

This is implemented so that they attract the full-time network marketing professional to see the possibility of driving as much volume as possible.

Bode 10 program rewards their representatives for introducing new excited fans and customers as well as maintaining their existing customer base.

As far as their customers they show appreciation by giving them a free order conditionally from time to time. Customers have an opportunity to get the product wholesale.

In addition, they have the opportunity to be added to the Rewards Program once they're upgraded in the system.

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