Digital Altitude Opportunity

The Digital Altitude opportunity is in the Online Business industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Online Business
  • Founded: Unknown
  • Key People:
  1.  Michael Force - Founder, CEO
  2.  Mary Dee - Operations Officer
  3.  Dallas Brown - SVP Officer
  4.  Jeremy Minor - Chief Sales Officer


The Digital Altitude Opportunity

Digital Altitude is an MLM company that teaches online entrepreneurs to make a profit in business. This company was founded by an individual by the name of Michael Force and is currently located in Lewes, DE. It is documented that over the last 15 years Michael has become an industry leader in digital business.

His practice consists of different business systems that go through the steps of helping someone be successful with their online business.  Their products are:

  • Aspire
  • Base
  • Rise
  • Ascend
  • Peak
  • Apex


Aspire - Specializes in helping individuals profit from their knowledge or passion of what they have an interest in.  Aspire also comes with training as well as the affiliate programs.

The membership includes:

  • Tools and resources
  • Weekly training
  • Up to 60% commission
  • Monthly conference calls
  • Members area

Base - This product helps you with the preparation stage of starting a business. Also it helps you setting your foundation and getting the business off on the right foot. Then helps you grow the business afterwards by assisting you after your launch

Rise - This product helps you to commit to your business by helping with market research so you can properly plan your success.

It also assist you with know your customers wants and desires.  Then finally, enhance your skills in copywriting and use of buzzwords so you can craft your messages effectively to attract your customers.

Rise helps you make connections with other individuals that lead to referrals for affiliate sales and partnerships. They help you with learning how to create joint ventures with people.

Ascend - This product helps you with branding yourself and creating a story that'll be unique and unforgettable to your market. Also teach you how to use this to increase conversion rates by outsourcing and leveraging. 

Peak - This product teach you how to scale your business by learning accounting management and law.

In addition they teach you how to:

  • Consistently increase your sales long-term
  • Increase your business productivity to maximize profits

You'll also hear stories of misfortunes of business owners to help you not to make the same mistakes they've made.

Apex - With this product you will learn how to:

  • Create a system
  • Wall Street investing secrets
  • How to create long-term wealth
  • How to have a positive mindset
  • How to legally protect yourself from people who have their eye on your money


The compensation plan consists of a 3 tier Unilever plan.  With all five of their products:

  • Aspire
  • Base
  • Rise
  • Ascend
  • Peak
  • Apex

. . . You can earn up to 60% commissions. Depending on the price of the product

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