The Enagic MLM Business Opportunity

The Enagic MLM Business Opportunity Is In The Health and Water Industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Health and Water
  • Founded: 1974
  • Key People:
  1. Mr. Oshiro Hironari - Founder


The Enagic MLM Business Opportunity

According to their website the Enagic MLM business Company started its operations in 1974 in Okinawa, Japan by Mr. Oshiro Hironari.

They pride themselves in being the leader of water ionizer generation systems that is distributed globally.  What the water ionizer generation system does is transform regular tap water into pure hydrogen rich drinking water.

Enagic is the only water distribution company in the world has his own OEM manufacturing facility which means that this company produces its own parts and equipment.

They also have their own ISO Quality control processes, which means they have their own process of making sure hey meet standards to improve upon the needs of customers.


The main product is the Kangen water machine.  This is water created from Enagic’s water technology.  This product is designed to filter your tap water as well as produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. Their products consist of:

Strong Kangen Water

Not for drinking because of its strong cleaning effect. It's uses are for food preparation and cleaning.  As far as food preparation it removes rawness from vegetables.

It’s also used for:

  • Cleaning cutting board and dishcloths
  • Removes oil stains
  • Coffee, as well as other ground in stains with ease.

Kangen Water

This water is perfect for drinking. This water is hydrogen rich and works to restore your body for optimal good health

  • Food Preparation – It enhances the flavor of vegetables
  • Food Preparation – It enhances the flavor of vegetables
  • Coffee and Tea - Improves taste and aroma
  • Soups and Stews - Extract the flavor of ingredients
  • Plants – Optimizes freshness and life in plants
  • Beauty - Recognize for its stringent affects (face wash, pet care, polishing, haircare, etc.)


Their corporate philosophy is:

  • True Physical Health - Through healthy drinking water
  • True Financial Health - Through their business opportunity
  • True Mental and Metaphysical Health - Through personal growth and contentment in life

They want to spread this philosophy through pure and healthy drinking water while providing an exciting business to help you grow personally.

According to their website, various hospitals in Japan have used this trusted products for years.


The some of the many ways to earn income with its business opportunity are:

  • Direct sales commission
  • Monthly Incentive
  • Quarterly Incentive
  • Override Commission
  • Educational Allowance

Enagic also prides itself on making it easy for you to start your distribution business by providing a patented system that's has:

  • No Sign-up Fee
  • No Monthly Qualifications
  • No Annual Renewal
  • No Stocking of Inventory
  • Pays Daily

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