The Evolv Health Opportunity

The Evolv Health Business Opportunity Is In The Health and Wellness Industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Health and Wellness
  • Founded: 2001
  • Key People:
  1. Trey White - Founder
  2. Brent Hicks - President
  3. Craig Smith - President
  4. Anne Smith - Chief Science Officer


The Evolv Health Business Opportunity

The Evolv Health MLM company was founded buy Trey White in year 2001. They’re currently located in Dallas, TX.  Evolv was created to put an end to childhood malnutrition. Their mission is to help their goal be accomplished by implementing their following initiatives:

  • Social Business 3.0 - A program to reward individuals who represent the company and their cause. They reward their representatives by free products, cash bonuses, and incentive trips
  • Buy One, Nourish 2 - Designed to provide their customers and malnourished children with whole food nutritional support.

Representatives with the Social Business 3.0 will be able to qualify for expense paid vacations to Mexico to stay with the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox. Impact travelers will also visit the orphanages supported by Buy One, Nourish 2 program.


Their Products consist of:

  • Evolv LifeBar - Helps the body fight Leptin resistance. Designed to maintain a fat burning metabolism.
  • Evolv Daily - Whole food, mineral, antioxidant  and enzymes supplements
  • Evolv Immūn – Provides a unique formulation of immune balancing fractions to provide the body with targeted immune support
  • Evolv Shake - Managing weight and building muscle
  • Evolv Fix - Product to improve mental clarity, reduce stress, and fight high calories
  • Evolv Limitless - Beet root extracts to help flexibility and joint comfort.

Evolv Health also has a special product called the Reboot Kit program.  This product contains what you need to reboot the fat burning metabolism in your body.

Leptin is a fat burning hormone that regulates hunger signals and metabolism in the human body. When leptin is working at its optimal potential it burns excess fat at an efficient pace

Evolv Reboot kit was developed to optimize the leptin in your body as well as optimizing your metabolism back to performing at its optimal fat burning state.

It is a 28 day Kit that's contains:

  • Evolv life bar - low sugar, metabolism bar
  • Evolv Fix - naturally sweetened drink
  • Evolv Immūne - aloe vera supplement
  • Evolv Limitless - anti - cancer supplement

You also receive Reboot mail support, Reboot Guide, and Reboot Foods


In order to limit the financial risk, Evolv incorporates the 30 day satisfaction guarantee. They state they have confidence that you'll approve of their products.

As a result their guarantee includes a clause that they will buy back any unused product.

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