The Forever Green MLM Opportunity

The Forever Green MLM Opportunity Is In the Health and Wellness Industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Health and Wellness
  • Founded: 2004
  • Key People:
  1. Ron Williams - Founder / Visionary & Board of Directors
  2. Brenda Huang - President Emeritus
  3. Rick Redford - Chief Executive Officer
  4. Jorge Alvarado - President & Chief Marketing Officer
  5. Chris Patterson - Chief Operations Officer
  6. Adam Saucedo - MD / Scientific Advisory Board
  7. Bala Ambati - MD, PHD, MBA / Scientific Advisory Board


The Forever Green MLM Business Opportunity

The Forever Green MLM business opportunity was founded in May 2004 by Ron Williams.  Their mission consists of three goals. That is to:

  • Inspire happiness
  • Fuel prosperity
  • Embrace health

Forever Green prides itself on having an executive leadership that is clear on its identity.

In addition, their leadership consists of a scientific advisory board to provide expert advice and supervision concerning the operation of their business and products.

Forever Green's primary focuses are Nutrition, Weight management and Supplements that are manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility.


Their main products come from there FG express line:

  • Prodigy 5 - A patent pending Transarmour nutrient technology that provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and energy all-in-one.  This technology allows this product to deliver nutrients to the customer quickly and efficiently through their bodies.
  • POWERstrips - A medical device designed to provide optimum relief for minor aches and pains such as


         Arthritis back

         Body aches


         Sore muscles

         Aching joints.

  • SOLARstrips - Provides energy boost for your body with nutrients to perform at its best. Designed to dissolve under your tongue and provide whole food nutrition anytime and anywhere
  • BEAUTYstrips - Designed to restore your skins youthful energy by supporting telomere health.  Telomere is a part of the human DNA that actually diminished with age.

Forever Green’s nutrition line consists of:

  • Azul - Antioxidant drink mix to promote better sleep, liver health, blood sugar levels, immune function
  • FREQUENSEA - Food supplements that promote cognitive function and mental clarity, look and feel of skin, as well as increases energy and focus
  • PURE - Ionic sea mineral that supports heart health, maintains cholesterol levels, improves healthy vision, and improves circulation.


Forever Green has an opportunity to allow anyone to build a successful business globally.  In addition, gives individuals the option to be a part of a long-term viable business or receive extra income by working it on their schedule.

Forever Green is a publicly traded company with the stock symbol FVRG. What this means is that they are able to raise funds and capital through selling stock in their company. As a result it does not need to depend on funding from various banking institutions. In addition transparency of the company is provided to the public, thus increasing his popularity.

Forever Green states that direct selling is a business that provides freedom and prosperity. By selling this way they eliminate the middleman and have direct access to customers.  This gives the distributor the opportunity to educate individuals properly about the company's products or services.

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