The Forever Living MLM Opportunity

The Forever Living MLM Opportunity Is In the Health and Wellness Industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Health and Wellness
  • Founded: 1978
  • Key People:
  1. Rex Maughan - Founder
  2. Gregg Maughan - President


The Forever Living MLM Business Opportunity

Forever Living MLM is an company that was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. They're currently located in Scottsdale Arizona. Forever Living sells and manufactures wellness and beauty products.

Their effectiveness is proven with over 9 1/2 million distributors spanning over 145 countries.  This company states that they offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of living healthier as well as wealthier life.

Instead of traditional commercial advertising, the founder felt the need to touch people in a more intimate way. As a result, instead of paying thousands of dollars into advertising he suggested sharing products with friends and family, thus using the power of the quality of the products and word-of-mouth.


The products consist of a wider range of beauty and wellness items, sports products, and natural health products.  Specifically they are:

  • Bee Products (from the hive)
  • Drinks
  • Essential Oils
  • Nutritional
  • Skin Care
  • Weight Management
  • Combo Packs

Forever Living encourages building their business buy using the products and sharing the benefits that they've gained.


The Forever Living company makes it possible for individuals to establish their own home-based business.

They also afford the representatives the opportunity to set up their business on a small budget and operating it with very little to no overhead costs.  However, the representatives:

  • Receive steady paychecks
  • Earn incredible bonuses
  • Car incentives
  • Profit share

You are also shown how to use various social media networking sites to market your business fast. While at the same time, creating word-of-mouth referrals from experience. You'll also learn how to use your global distribution networks so you can do business from anywhere you reside.

Another benefit to this company is the flexibility of their business model where the representatives can operate it part-time around other commitments or full-time. 

Forever Living’s website states that the extra benefits by taking advantage and profiting from their business opportunity are:

  • Private education for children
  • Comfortable retirement
  • Better health
  • Meeting new people
  • Traveling the world
  • Personal development.


Forever Giving is a foundation that allows customers and distributors to donate funds to improve the global environment.

They go hand-in-hand with charitable organizations to fight against hunger and poverty.  Also to promote medical services available for children. The foundation also supports relief efforts where needed in disaster area locations.

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