The Fuxion MLM Opportunity

The Fuxion MLM Opportunity Is In the Health and Wellness Industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Health and Wellness
  • Founded: 2006
  • Key People:
  1. Álvaro Zúñiga - Founder / President / C.E.O.
  2. Frank Michell - Founder / Board Member
  3. Derek Michell - Founder / Board Member
  4. Rafael Zúñiga - Founder / Board Member


The Fuxion MLM Business Opportunity

This company does business in 17 countries that was founded in 2006.  This company researches and develops food that contains health properties as well as a medicinal  benefit to help individuals reach optimum health level.

This company also gives the opportunity for individuals to have personal and financial growth by independent distributorship buy selling their products.

According to their website, this company has three goals.

  • Provide health through their products
  • Gain financial stability through their business opportunities
  • Personal growth through their workshops.


Their products are as follows:

  • Flora Liv - A drink to help regenerate balance and maintain an intestinal flora
  • Liquid Fibra - Nourishes is the intestinal flora and your digestive tract
  • Prunex 1 - Cleanses the digestive system and relieves constipation
  • Alpha Balance - Promotes pH balance by cleansing and detoxifying the body
  • Berry Balance - Helps to preserve a healthy urinary tract
  • BioPro X Active - Helps to absorb essential high quality amino acids for your regenerative system
  • Vita Extra T+ - Antioxidant multi-mineral energy boost drink


Fuxion offers you the opportunity to start your own business by becoming an independent distributor with a business system that is simple and easily duplicatable. This business is made possible for you to conduct during your free time which can make it possible to create financial and personal freedom.

Upon becoming an independent distributor you will receive a welcome kit with an entrepreneurial code. To start your business the company provides you with manuals, videos, and audios to understand the process better so you will be able to easily implement them.

In addition to your tools to help you succeed in your business you'll receive your own virtual office to help you manage your business anytime of the day.

They also provide 13 different ways to earn income as a representative of their company. It is as follows:

  • Global profit sharing bonus
  • Millionaire fund club
  • Retail profits
  • Preferred customer
  • Fast action bonus
  • Fusion experiences
  • Lifestyle bonus
  • Connector override
  • Matching builders bonus
  • Leadership matching bonus
  • Personal group bonus
  • Team bonus
  • Rank bonus


They have a social responsibility to the community which promises a better life by emphasizing the importance of nutrition. They have two programs:

  • Breakfast program - Provides nutrition to children and adolescents by having a systematic delivery if breakfast
  • They also have post surgery nutritional support.

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