The Lyoness Cashback Opportunity

The Lyoness Cashback Opportunity is in the eCommerce Industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: eCommerce
  • Founded: 2003
  • Key People:
  1. Uwe Proch - Founder
  2. Iwan J. Ackermann - Founder
  3. Max Meienberg - Founder
  4. Hubert Freidl - Chief Executive Officer


The Lyoness Cashback Opportunity

Lyoness was founded in 2003 by Max Meienberg, Uwe Proch and Iwan J. Ackermann and located in Europe. They specialize in cashback solutions and customer loyalty among merchants.

While their efforts are to maintain loyal customers among the merchants that they do business with, their main goal is to acquire new customers for these merchants. They offer customers for these merchants as well as offer these new customers a way to save money on their daily purchases that they make every day.

Lyoness is located in over 43 countries and has managed to gain over 8 million shoppers. Today they have also managed to acquire over 70,000 merchants in various different industries.


Instead of having physical products Lyoness Cashback has a service which is in the form of memberships that they focus on. When you are a member of Lyoness you will receive a percentage of purchases that you make online using any of their merchants.

Members can receive anywhere between 1% to 5% from purchases online.  Some of their merchants are:

Radisson Hotels










JC Penney

Best Buy



True Value

Advanced Auto Parts

Home Depot

Office Depot


CVS Pharmacy

Avis Rent A Car


Lyoness offers commissions and bonuses when you sponsor people to take part in the business. In addition to discounts whenever you make your personal purchases there's also an additional benefit called the Friendship Bonus.

This is when you as a member receive commission derived from the purchases made by the individuals you introduce to the company. In addition to that, if those people introduce others to the company, you get a commission from their purchases also.


Lyoness is also involved socially within the community. Every purchase made by its members at one of their merchants benefits the Lyoness Child Family Foundation

  • This is a charitable organization that supports children in need across the world.  They also implement educational which is spread different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

They also have the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation.

  • This organization is dedicated to serving the environment by promoting the use of renewable energy. Their goal to secure and prevent danger to natural habitats and to help people who are at a disadvantage in those regions. They pride themselves on providing over 20,000 meals each year to elementary schools in the Philippines that contain natural ingredients from an organic garden.

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