Mary Kay MLM

The Mary Kay MLM opportunity is in the Health and Beauty industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Health and Beauty
  • Founded: 1963
  • Key People:
  1. Mary Kay Ash - Founder
  2. David Hall - Chief Executive Officer
  3. Richard R. Rogers - Executive Chairman
  4. David Hall - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  5. Sheryl Adkins-Green - Chief Marketing Officer
  6. Deborah Gibbons - Cheif Opperating Officer
  7. Dr. Lucy Gildea, PH.D. - Chief Scientific Officer
  8. Chaun Harper - Senior Vice President and Chief Manufacturing Officer


Headquarters: Addison, TX

The Mary Kay MLM Opportunity

Mary Kay was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. The company is located outside of Dallas Texas. It is a privately owned American multilevel marketing company. By 2015 Mary Kay was ranked the number sixth largest network marketing company in the world.

Mary Kay uses a multi-level marketing model to sell cosmetics through distributors.  This is a marketing strategy where the sale of their products is done through representatives and the earnings are derived from a commission system.

Mary Kay is noted as one of the top 10 multi-level marketing companies in existence. They have shown steady growth from 2005 to 2015 where their sales increased from 2.2 billion to $3.7 billion.

Mary Kay products are sold in over 40 countries.

Mary Kay Products

Mary Kay specializes in the direct sales of beauty products.  Their product line consists of:

Skin Care

They have skincare products for various concerns such as:  Age, skin blemishes, acne, and sun protection. Their product line concerning skin care include exfoliator, moisturizer, cleanser, serum, and toner


Their makeup line has products for face, lips, eyes, and cheeks. This includes foundation, eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadow, blush, contour, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner, etc.  They also have application tools such as brushes, compacts, travel bags and applicators.


Their fragrance line has a collection for men as well as women with various different scents.  In addition to their product line, they have fragrances that come in niche scents such as floral, fruity, woody and masculine.

Men's Care

Their men’s care line consists of cologne’s and skin care product that includes eye cream, facial hydrator, sunscreen, after shave gel, facial wash, shave foam and skin care regimen


Mary Kay’s gifts include gift sets, pampering sets, and Valentine Day gifts.  Their line also includes specific gifts for men, women, and teens.

Body and Sun

Mary Kay’s Body and Sun line include products to fight dryness, cleansing, firming, age-fighting, hand care, foot care and protection from the sun.  The products they have for those concerns are various body washes, balms, and lotions.

Mary Kay Representative

In order to be a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant you have to:

  1. Meet with a Mary Kay representative
  2. Fill out a Consultant Agreement
  3. Receive your starter kit

Mary Kay offers their consultants the opportunity to:

  • Build a Team
  • Receive 50% of their sales
  • Earn rewards
  • Earn a percentage of their team’s sales

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