The Morinda Opportunity

The Morinda opportunity is in the Health and Wellness industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Health and Wellness
  • Founded: 1996
  • Key People:
  1. John Wadsworth - Founder
  2. Kim Asay - Co-Founder
  3. Stephen Story - Co-Founder
  4. Kerry Asay - Co-Founder
  5. Brent Willis - Chief Executive Officer
  6. Randy Smith - President
  7. Shon Whitney - Senior Vice President


Headquarters: Provo, UT

The Morinda Opportunity

This company is an MLM company founded in 1996 that specializes in marketing products that are derived from the Noni plant.  They have approximately 700 employees and has manufacturing plants than China, Germany, Tahiti, Japan, and in the United States.

The Noni comes from a fruit-bearing tree that is found in Southeast Asia and Australia. It is known to be used in traditional medicine.  Morinda’s goal is to help individuals maintain better parents, health, and financial freedom. It is their goal to use this method to change lives Internationally

Because of this, they plan to be the largest company that specializes in healthy beverages.  Morinda searches the world in efforts to find and create beverage products that will improve the quality of life for anyone that uses it.

As far as quality-of-life, they focus on improving personal care, athletic performance, aging, and metabolism. In addition, they have their sites on helping to improve peoples lives through financial freedom.

Morinda Products

Morinda’s flagship product was the Tahitian Noni Juice which became an overnight sensation and bringing in over 1 billion dollars. However, it is documented that their yearly sales are in the range of $500 million annually.

Morinda also has a product line of several different brands in addition to the Tahitian Noni Juice. They are:

  • Hiro - Energy Drink to improve energy and performance
  • Truage - products to improve and bring out youthful appearance
  • Morinda Wellness - Supplements that contains 12 different fruits and vegetables that support a healthy immune system

Additional Morinda brands include:

  • Age-defense
  • Therapeutic body care
  • Whole food blends
  • The Essential oils and accessories
  • Nutritional products
  • Fruit beverages
  • Antiaging body care

It is important to Morinda that they continue to create products essential to the body and lifestyle. As a result, these products would eventually be essential to the success of the company.

Morinda Representative

Being a representative with Morinda appears to be very beneficial to the fact that they have paid over $4 billion dollars in commissions to their representatives according to their website. They claim to also have created over 300 millionaires and have never missed a payment. As a result this afforded hundreds to retire early pursue their dreams of health, housing, and financial freedom.

Morinda has a proven operating system to help people achieve success. They claim to do the majority of the work for representatives by:

Emailing a target a set of individuals based on their level of interest

Giving the representatives a daily task specific to each individual to help them get started.

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