The Motor Club of America Opportunity

The Motor Club of America opportunity is in the Automobile Service industry.  Information is as follows:

  • Industry: Automobile Service
  • Founded: 1926
  • Key People:
  1. William Green - Founder
  2. David Green - Co-Founder
  3. Samuel Green - Co-Founder


Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

The Motor Club of America Opportunity

Motor Club of America was founded in 1926. They specialize in providing roadside assistance and security for thousands of individuals and families across the nation. In addition, they also provide free legal representation, protection from accidents, discounts on travel and accident protection.

This is not car insurance on an insurance contract, however, they provide assistance for emergency or accidents involving automobiles as well as provide a network of lawyers who will represent you in court.  What makes Motor Club of America different from other automobile services is that they offer unlimited towing services to the nearest service facility as well as towing service to the destination of your choice up to 100 miles.

If an accident results in you being arrested, Motor Club of America will pay up to 10% of a bail bond. If you're hospitalized as a result of an accident that is covered, this company will pay up to $150 dollars per day. If loss of life occurs, your family will be protected by a $10,000 benefit.

Upon applying for membership, you'll receive an ID card in the mail within 10 business days. The various memberships cover multiple vehicles as long as the member was the driver. Upon requesting service a team member will be in contact with you for the duration until help arrives.

They also provide service in Canada as well as customer service agents who speak several different languages to include English, Spanish, French, and Russian.

Motor Club of America Products

Their products include:

Collision or Emergency Roadside assistance:

  • Emergency Reimbursement - Receive financial emergency room coverage
  • Hospital room benefits - Receive a daily reimbursement of costs up to $150 a day
  • Unlimited emergency towing service - 200 miles of towing to your choice of destination
  • 24-hour emergency service - This is for assistance involving jump starts, delivery of fuel, locked doors, mechanical adjustments, and changed tires
  • Total security plan - Receive up to $100 for towing for boats, motorcycles and recreational RV’s.

Attorney representation for noncriminal moving violations:

  • Collection for personal damages - Covers injuries up to $500 that were acquired while inside a vehicle or walking.
  • Moving violation coverage - Lane change violation, speeding tailgating, etc.
  • Auto Damage - Up to $500 representation
  • Auto Assault - Coverage of up to $2000 representation

Travel discounts and assistance:

  • Traveling Touring Services - Customize itinerary booking assistance and car rental
  • Discounts - Discounts on motels rental cars
  • Evacuation Services - Evacuation services to the nearest medical facility.  Also, transport back home when you are out of the country.

Motor Club of America Representative

To be a Representative with Motor Club of America involves:

  • Multiple benefits
  • Low start-up costs
  • Compensation plan 

Representatives have the option of participating in a referral program and share links on social media sites to acquire customers.

  Representatives get commissions every time a person enrolls.  Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis.

Motor Club of America supports its reps through replicated websites, back office, uplines and marketing materials

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